Title 32

SECTION 705.32

705.32 Aviation events and parachute demonstrations.

§ 705.32 Aviation events and parachute demonstrations.

(a) Armed Forces aircraft and parachutists may be authorized to participate in appropriate in public events which meet basic Department of Defense criteria. This participation may be one of the officially designated military flight or parachute demonstration teams, flyover by aircraft, a general demonstration of capabilities by aircraft, or the static display of aircraft.

(b) Events which are appropriate for aviation participation include: Dedication of airports; aviation shows; aircraft exposition; air fairs; recruiting programs; civic events which contribute to the public knowledge of naval aviation equipment and capabilities and to the advancement of general aviation; public observances of certain national holidays (Armed Forces Day, Veterans Day, Memorial Day and Independence Day); national conventions of major veterans organizations; memorial services for deceased, nationally recognized dignitaries; and receptions for foreign dignitaries.

(c) Support of Armed Forces recruiting is the primary purpose of military flight and parachute demonstration teams. Armed Forces recruiting teams are available to assist sponsors in coordinating advance publicity and information coverage to insure maximum exposure for the demonstration team and the event. This assistence is at no additional expense to the sponsor; however, the sponsor is required to give full support to the recruiting effort and to cooperate fully with local service officials. Such support could include (but is not limited to) the provision of prime space for recruiters at the event site and the provision of courtesy passes in controlled quantities to recruiters for the purpose of bringing recruit prospects and recruiting advisors to view the show.

(d) DOD support of air show fund raising efforts in the form of provision of military flight and parachute demonstration teams is limited to charities recognized by the Federal Services Fund-Raising Program. These include such agencies as the United Givers Fund, Community Chests, National Health Agencies (as a group), International Service Agencies and the military aid societies. Armed Forces support to fund-raising events for a single cause, even though the charity is a member of a federated or joint campaign or donates in part to one or several of the campaigns, is inconsistent with the basic position of Department of Defense. The name of the nearest Combined Federal Campaign coordinator will be supplied to the sponsor, or if he chooses, he might elect to work with the local United Givers Fund (Community Chest). As a minimum, the sponsor must agree to provide at least half of the profit above costs to the Combined Federal or United Givers Campaigns to receive Armed Forces support.

(e) Request form. This form is used to request military flight and parachute demonstration team participation in public events. The information is required to evaluate the event for appropriateness and compliance with Department of Defense policies and for coordination with the units involved.

General 1. Title of Event Town or City: _______ State: Date: ________ Time - From: To: ____ Place: (Airport, etc.) 2. Sponsor: 3. The sponsor (is) (is not) a civic organization and the event (does) (does not) have the official backing of the mayor. 4. The sponsoring organization (does) (does not) exclude any person from its membership or practice any form of discrimination in its functins, based on race, creed, color or national origin. 5. Sponsor's representative authorized to complete arrangements for Armed Forces participation and responsible for reimbursing Department of Defense for accrued expenses when required: Name: Address: City, State: _________ Zip: Telephone: (Office) ____ (AC) (home) __________ (AC) 6. Purpose of this event (explain fully): 7. Expected attendance: 8. Is this event being used to promote funds for any purpose? 9. Admission charge: “Charge for seating: 10. Disposition of profits which may accrue: 11. Will admission, seating and all other accommodations and facilities connected with the event be available to all persons without regard to race, creed, color or national origin? 12. Will the standard Military Services allowance for quarters and meals be provided by the sponsor for Armed Forces participants? 13. Will transportation at sponsor's expense be proviced for Armed Forces participants between the site of this event and hotel? 14. Will telephone facilities, at sponsor's expense, be made available for necessary official communications regarding the event? 15. It may be necessary for representatives of the requested unit to visit the site prior to the event. Will transportation, meals and hotel accommodations be provided by the sponsor? 16. Please describe the space which will be provided to recruiters: 17. Designate charity beneficiary(s): Flight Team, Parachute Team, Flyovers, Statics 1. This request is for (check appropriate line):
Flight Team Demonstration
U.S. Navy Blue Angels
U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds. (Cost for either team is $1500.00 for each day team scheduled at your event.)
Aircraft Flyover: (No cost to sponsor.)
Static Aircraft: (Cost is $25.00 per day per crewmember.)
U.S. Army Silver Eagles: (Cost for this team is $750.00 for each day team scheduled at your event.)
Parachute Team Demonstration U.S. Army Golden Knights: (Cost is $25.00 per day per man for each day required to support your event. Team consists of 10-14 personnel.)
2. Flight and/or Parachute Team demonstrations are restricted to appropriate events at airports, over open bodies of water, or over suitable open areas of land. Please give the specific location of your event If an airport, name of airdrome facility and longest usable landing runway. Airport: Runway data:______________feet. 3. Flyovers, Flight and Parachute Team demonstrations require that sponsors secure FAA clearance or waiver. Will steps be taken by sponsor to accomplish this at least sixty days prior to the event? 4. Flight and Parachute Team demonstrations must adhere to FAA regulations which specify that spectators not be permitted within 1500 feet of an area over which the flight demonstration takes place, or 250 feet of the jump area over which parachutists are performing. What type of crowd control is planned? 5. Flight and Parachute Team demonstrations require that an ambulance and a doctor be on the site during the demonstration. Will this requirement be met? 6. Flight and Parachute Team demonstrations require that the sponsor provide a recent aerial photograph, taken vertically from an altitude of 5,000 feet or higher, to the team(s) giving the demonstration. Will this requirement be met? 7. Flight Team demonstrations and Static Aircraft displays require that the sponsor provide suitable aircraft fuel (JP jet fuel or aviation gas, as appropriate) and pay the cost of transporting and handling this fuel, if it is not available at the staging airport under military contract prices. Will this requirement be met? 8. Flight Team demonstrations and Static Aircraft displays require mobile firefighting, crash and ground-to-air communications equipment at the demonstration site. Will this requirement be met? 9. Flight Teams and Static Aircraft displays require that the sponsor provide guards for the aircraft that land and are parked at the site during their entire stay. Will this requirement be met? 10. Parachute Team demonstrations may require that the sponsor arrange aircraft transportation from the team's home base to the location of the event, for use as a jump platform and return to the home base. Will this requirement be met, if necessary? 11. Name and address of any Armed Forces representative or government official with whom you have discussed possible participation: Certification

I certify that the information provided above is complete and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. I understand that representatives of the Military Services will contact me to discuss arrangements and costs involved prior to final commitments.

Signature: (Sponsor's Representative) Date of Request: Return this form to:

(f) Definitions. A flight team demonstration is an exhibition of precision aerial maneuvers flown by the official Department of Defense military flight demonstration teams, the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds, the U.S. Navy Blue Angels and the U.S. Army Silver Eagles. An aircraft demonstration is a flight demonstration by aircraft other than those of the teams listed above and designed to portray tactical capabilities of aircraft by a single aircraft (i.e., the U.S. Marine Corps “Harrier”) or group of aircraft, including air-to-air refueling, helicopter hover and pick-up or rappelling capabilities, Low Altitude Parachute Extraction System, maximum performance take-off, etc. A parachute demonstration is an exhibition of free-fall and precision landing techniques by the official DOD parachute team, the U.S. Army Golden Knights. Other parachute demonstrations can be performed by the U.S. Navy Parachute Team, or another unofficial team or sports parachute club representing the Department of Defense. A flyover is a flight of not more than four aircraft over a fixed point at a specific time and does not involve precision maneuvers or demonstrations. Flyovers are authorized for certain events when the presence of Armed Forces aircraft overhead would contribute to the effectiveness of the event based on a direct correlation between the event and the aircraft. Flyovers can also be authorized for occasions primarily designed to encourage the advancement of aviation and which are of more than local interest. Flyovers by any of the official DOD flight teams are not authorized. Parades are not considered an appropriate event for authorizing flyover support. The static display of aircraft is the ground display of any military aircraft and its related equipment, not involving flight, taxiing or starting of engines.

(g) Events which are appropriate for Armed Forces aviation participation in the public domain include such activities as dedication of airports and facilities, aviation shows, expositions, and fairs; and other civic events which contribute to the public knowledge of the U.S. Military Services aviation equipment and capabilities. The number one priority for utilization of military aircraft and parachutists in such events in the public domain is to support the recruiting aspects of the all-volunteer force concept. The approval of any such military demonstration will only be authorized if a maximum recruiting benefit exists at each location.

(h) Costs. (1) The cost for either the United States Air Force Thunderbirds or the United States Navy Blue Angels will be $1500 for each day a demonstration is scheduled. If the United States Army Golden Knights precision parachute team is scheduled for your event, the cost will be $25 per man per day for each day required to support your event, to include the days of travel if required. Under normal conditions, this group is comprised of fourteen members: Nine jumpers, three aircraft crewmen, one ground controller, and a narrator. The sponsor will be advised by the Golden Knights in advance of the costs related to his event for which the government must be reimbursed. The United States Army Silver Eagles helicopter team, composed of seven helicopters, performs precision formation manuevers and solo helicopter aerobatics to demonstrate the capabilities of modern helicopters and the skill of Army aviators. The Silver Eagles performance lasts about 30 minutes and is conducted entirely in full view of spectators on the crowd line. The cost for the team is $750 for each day a demonstration is scheduled. The sponsor should make a check payable to the Treasurer of the United States for the required amount and present it to the appropriate demonstration team commander in advance of the scheduled event.

(2) Costs associated with static aircraft are normally $25 per day for each crew member plus possible fuel requirements discussed below. Charges for any other military parachuting demonstration (i.e., U.S. Navy Parachute Team, local Armed Forces sport parachute clubs, etc.) will depend on the number of personnel and transportation involved. Checks payable to the Treasurer of the United States should be made available to the appropriate aircraft commander for static displays or parachute team commander upon arrival at the event.

(i) As noted in the Department of Defense request form, the sponsor is required to pay per diem costs for team and static display crew members except for flyovers or aircraft demonstrations not involving landing.

(3) These costs are binding after a team or crew personnel have arrived at the show site, even though weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances force the event to be cancelled. These funds provided by the sponsor will be utilized by team members or crew personnel for paying housing and subsistence costs. The actual breakdown of the per diem involved is $13.20 for housing, $9.30 for subsistence, and $2.50 for incidental expenses. In those locations where housing and subsistence cannot be procured for these amounts, it will be the responsibility of the sponsor to absorb the additional cost. As stated, these costs will cover participation but does not include certain ground support requirements (i.e., ground transportation, telephone, etc.) to be furnished by a sponsor as outlined in a team support packet.

(4) Other costs that could be incurred by the sponsor are in the area of the sponsor's agreement to provide suitable aircraft fuel (defined as JP jet fuel or aviation gas and lubricants) at U.S. Government contract prices. Where fuel is available from local military stocks - usually military installations - or when fuel is available from commercial into-plane contract locations, the U.S. Government will pay all fuel costs. If military contract fuel is not available at the show site, the sponsor will be required to pay all costs above the contract price and that price charged by the local supplier. However, the sponsor may choose to transport military contract fuel from a military base or a commercial airport having a U.S. Government into-plane contract. In this case, his cost would be only the transporting and handling of this fuel to the show site.

(5) The Department of Defense no longer requires the sponsor to provide the Department with a public liability and property damage insurance policy. This should in no way deter the sponsor from obtaining such liability and property damage insurance he feels is necessary for his own protection. Due to the costs that could accrue to the sponsor in case of cancellations because of inclement weather, the sponsor may wish to consider rain insurance to protect his investment. Previous sponsors have advised us that such insurance is available from most commercial companies.

(i) Other information. (1) Flight and/or parachute team demonstrations are restricted to appropriate events at airports, over open bodies of water, or over suitable open areas of land. For the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds or U.S. Navy Blue Angels to operate from an airport show site, the following operational requirements must be met:

(i) Minimum useable runway length for the Thunderbirds is 5000 feet by 150 feet in width.

(ii) Minimum useable runway length for the Blue Angels is 6000 feet by 150 feet in width.

(iii) Minimum single landing gear load bearing capacity for Thunderbirds is 45,000 pounds; for Blue Angels, 21,000 pounds. Tandem landing gear load bearing capacity is 155,000 pounds for Blue Angels and Thunderbirds.

(2) A staged performance may not be given if the location planned for the show site does not meet these minimums. The maximum distance for a staged performance” under normal conditions is 50 nautical miles. It should be noted that staged performances are seldom authorized since the recruiting potential is reduced at such events.

(3) The type and number of static and/or flyover aircraft which may be assigned is entirely dependent upon the Military Services' capability to provide such resources at the time of your event. This capability is affected by operational commitments and sponsors are advised that confirmation of static/flyover aircraft cannot be made by the appropriate Service more than 15-30 days before your event.

(4) The U.S. Army Silver Eagles are normally restricted to performances at airports. Other open land areas may be operationally suitable but require the prior approval of the team commander in each case.

(5) Only one flight demonstration team and a parachute demonstration team may be authorized for any one event. Military aircraft demonstrations may not be authorized for events on the days a flight team is participating. A flyover is not authorized when a flight team is participating unless it can be provided by a locally-based National Guard or Reserve component.

(6) Participation by the U.S. Navy Blue Angels and the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds is normally limited to two consecutive years in any one event. This usually involves one appearance by each of the two flight teams. This provision may be waived when other appropriate requests have not been received, when the team is performing in the same geographical area and has open dates or when the event is national or international in nature and participation would be in the best interests of Department of Defense. Participation in an event is normally limited to two days unless a third day can be included without preempting other requests.

(7) Sponsors are required to obtain a Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) waiver for any demonstration by military aircraft and/or parachutists in the public domain. The final authorization for such Armed Forces participation hinges upon the sponsor securing this waiver far enough in advance to permit adequate planning (normally not later than 60 days prior to the event). Further guidance on the details of obtaining this waiver will be contained in the team support packet or FAA. FAA regulations require that spectators be confined 1500 feet from a flight or aircraft demonstration and 250 feet from a parachute demonstration.

(i) In some cases, parachute demonstrations require that the sponsor arrange for appropriate transportation for the team and equipment from its home station to the event and return.

(ii) Mass parachute jumps, drops of equipment, assault aircraft demonstrations, or tactical helicopter troop landings under simulated tactical conditions, will be limited to military installations. These activities, except those scheduled as part of regular training programs, are not authorized for public events in the civil domain.

(8) When civilian air racing is involved in an event where Armed Forces participation has also been scheduled, prize monies must come from sources other than admission charges.

(9) Flight team, parachute and aircraft demonstrations also require that the sponsor provide: (i) Recent aerial photograph of the site; (ii) an ambulance and doctor at the site; and (iii) Guards for the Armed Forces aircraft during their entire stay. The aerial photograph should be recent, taken vertically from at least 5,000 feet.

(10) Maximum advantage of Armed Forces recruiting will be taken at appropriate events in the public domain where demonstrations by military aircraft and parachutists have been authorized.

(11) Exception to the policies contained herein will only be considered by OASD(PA) on events of national or international significance.

(12) Department of Defense hosts a scheduling conference in mid-December each year to prepare U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds, U.S. Navy Blue Angels, U.S. Army Golden Knights and U.S. Army Silver Eagles participation schedules for the ensuing year. All requests for such demonstrations from sponsors should reach OASD(PA) prior to the middle of November each year to be considered at this conference. In order to accommodate many requests Department of Defense receives for other parachuting demonstrations, aircraft demonstrations, static aircraft displays, and flyovers, each request must be received by OASD(PA) a minimum of 30 days in advance of the event and preferably 60 days in advance.

(13) If there are any points that a member of the public might wish to have clarified, contact Chief, Aerial Events Branch, OASD(PA), Room 1E790, The Pentagon, Washington, DC 20301. Telephone: AC (202) 695-6795 or 695-9900.