Title 32

SECTION 705.31

705.31 USS Arizona Memorial, Pearl Harbor.

§ 705.31 USS Arizona Memorial, Pearl Harbor.

(a) Limited space and the desirability of keeping the Memorial simple and dignified require the following practices to be observed:

(1) Rendering of formal ceremonies on the USS Arizona Memorial will be confined to Memorial Day.

(2) Observances on December 7, or any other date, at the request of individuals or organizations, will consist of simple wreath-laying, or other appropriate expressions conducted with dignity.

(3) Plaques intended for display on the Memorial may be presented by headquarters of national organizations only. Plaques from regional, state or local organizations cannot be accepted. Only one plaque will be accepted from any organization. The overall size of the plaques, including mounting, must be no larger than 12 inches square.

(b) The Commandant, Fourteenth Naval District, is designated to coordinate all formal or informal observances involving the Memorial.