Title 32

SECTION 705.30

705.30 Aerospace Education Workshop.

§ 705.30 Aerospace Education Workshop.

(a) This program is devised by the Navy to give students at colleges and universities conducting teacher training a comprehensive background in the field of aviation. The teachers in turn integrate this knowledge into their education programs.

(b) Appropriate commands are encouraged to provide assistance to educational institutions sponsoring the workshop program: Provided, That such support does not interfere with the command's primary mission and that such cooperation involves no additional expense to the government.

(c) The Chief of Naval Operations has cognizance of all assistance provided by the Navy to all Aerospace Education Workshop program. A summary report of local command participation in Aerospace projects will be submitted to the Chief of Naval Operations via the appropriate chain of command. Information copies of such reports will be sent to Commander, Navy Recruiting Command and the Chief of Information. For further information see OPNAVINST 5726.1C.