Title 32

SECTION 705.21

705.21 Requests for Navy participation.

§ 705.21 Requests for Navy participation.

(a) Decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis. Events which are inappropriate for one type of participation may be entirely appropriate for another type of participation. A positive and flexible approach should be employed.

(b) Requests by civilian organizations for Navy participation in programs or events they sponsor should be addressed to the nearest naval installation and should be evaluated and authorized at that level if possible. Request exceeding local resoures, or requiring authorization from higher authority, should be forwarded through appropriate channels.

(c) Requests for Armed Forces participation in public events are to be submitted on official request forms (§§ 705.33, 705.34 and 705.36) by the sponsors of events occurring outside a command's area of direct knowledge and local capability, or involving a type or level of participation unavailable locally, or requiring approval of higher authority.

(d) Fact sheets expounding upon normally requested assets are enclosed in §§ 705.33, 705.34 and 705.36 and may be reproduced and distributed locally.

(e) The official request form is to be used on all requests referred to the Chief of Information and to the Office of Assistant Secretary of Defense (Public Affairs).