Title 32

SECTION 705.20

705.20 Use of Navy material and facilities.

§ 705.20 Use of Navy material and facilities.

(a) The loan of equipment and permission to use facilities will be dependent on the following:

(1) The program support must be within the command's public affairs responsibility.

(2) The loan of the equipment must not interfere with the military mission of the command.

(3) Equipment must be available within the command or obtainable from another Navy command in the local area.

(4) The event must be of the type for which participation is considered appropriate.

(5) It must not be in any direct or implied competition with a commercial source.

(6) There must be no potential danger to persons or private property that could result in a claim against the government. Safety requirements will be observed.

(b) Use of open mess facilities will be permitted only under one of the following conditions:

(1) Incident to the holding of a professional or technical seminar at the command.

(2) Incident to an official visit to the command by a civic group.

(3) Navy League Council luncheon or dinner meetings (not to exceed one per quarter per group).

(4) Incident to group visits by the Boy Scouts of America, Boys Clubs of America, the Navy League Sea Cadets (by virtue of their federal charters), Girl Scouts and the Navy League Shipmates, and a few representative adult leaders.

(c) Use of the official Navy flag will be in accordance with SECNAVINST 10520.2C and of official emblem in accordance with OPNAVINST 5030.11B.

(d) Requests not meeting the criteria cited here, but which are considered by the officer in command to have merit, may be referred to the Chief of Information.

[41 FR 29101, July 15, 1976, as amended at 44 FR 6391, Feb. 1, 1979]