Title 32

SECTION 705.19

705.19 Financing.

§ 705.19 Financing.

(a) The financial requirements for community relations purposes will be kept to the minimum necessary to accomplish Department of Defense objectives.

(b) Costs of participation will normally be at government expense for the following types of events and programs when they are in the primary interest of the Department of Defense:

(1) Public observances of national holidays.

(2) Official ceremonies and functions.

(3) Speaking engagements.

(4) Programmed, scheduled tours by Navy information activity support units (e.g., an exhibit from the Navy Exhibit Center) when this method of reaching special audiences is considered by the Secretary of the Navy to be the most effective and economical way of accomplishing a priority public affairs program.

(5) Tours by units (e.g., the Navy Band) for which appropriated funds have been specifically provided.

(6) Support of recruiting.

(7) Events considered to be in the national interest, or in the professional, scientific, or technical interests of the Navy or Department of Defense, when approved by the Secretary of Defense or the overseas Unified Commander, as appropriate.

(c) Navy participation in all other public events will normally be at no additional costs to the government.

(1) Continuing type costs to the government which would have existed had the Navy not participated in the event will not be reimbursed by the sponsor.

(2) Transportation costs may be excluded from the costs to be borne by the sponsor when the transportation can be accomplished by government aircraft on a normal training flight or opportune airlift.