Title 32

SECTION 705.18

705.18 Authority and coordination.

§ 705.18 Authority and coordination.

(a) Each naval command will coordinate its community relations program with the senior authority having responsibility for community relations in its area (District Commandant, Unified Commander, or other).

(b) Within policy limitations outlined in this section, the command receiving a request for Navy participation, and processing the required resources, has the authority to process the request and provide the support requested.

(c) Requests for support exceeding local capability, or requiring approval from higher authority, or requiring an exception to policy will be referred as directed in § 705.21 for determination.

(d) The Assistant Secretary of Defense (Public Affairs) has the overall responsibility for the Department of Defense community relations program. Civilian sponsors should be advised to address requests for approval of the following types of programs directly to the Director of Community Relations, Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Public Affairs), Pentagon, Washington, DC 20301:

(1) National and international events, including conventions, except those taking place in overseas areas which are primarily of internal concern to Unified Commanders.

(2) Events outside the United States which have an interest and impact extending beyond the Unified Command areas, or which require assistance from outside the command area.

(3) Public events in the Washington, DC area.

(4) Aerial, parachute, or simulated tactical demonstrations held in the public domain, except those held in areas assigned to overseas Unified Commands.

(5) Aerial reviews on military installations within the United States if the review involves more than one Service.

(6) Programmed national sports, professional athletic events, formal international competitions, and contests between a Navy and professional team in the public domain. See section 0605, par. 18 of the Navy Public Affairs Regulations.

(7) Performing Navy units appearing on regional or national television.

(8) Overall planning for Armed Forces Day (not including local activities).

(9) Granting exceptions to policy.

(e) Overseas, Unified Commanders are designated to act for and on behalf of the Secretary of Defense in implementing community relations programs within their command areas and in granting any exceptions to policy or regulations. This authority may be delegated.

(1) Policy, direction and guidance for Unified Command community relations programs are provided to Navy components of these commands by the Unified Commander concerned.

(2) Authority of the Commander-in-Chief, Pacific extends to planning and execution of community relations programs in Alaska and Hawaii. Participation in events held in Alaska and Hawaii will be governed by the same principles as policies applicable to other states.

(3) Community relations programs and events taking place within the United States which have an effect on a Unified or Specified Command as a whole, or are otherwise of significant concern to the Unified Command, require complete coordination through appropriate channels between the Unified Command and naval activities concerned.

(4) Unified Commanders overseas requiring Navy support for a community reltaions program or participation in a public event should coordinate their requirements with the appropriate Navy component command.

(f) The Secretary of the Navy will plan and execute Navy community relations programs and approve Navy participation in public events not otherwise reserved or assigned to the Secretary of Defense. This authority may be delegated.