Title 32

SECTION 705.17

705.17 Participation guidelines.

§ 705.17 Participation guidelines.

(a) The provisions of this section refer to participation by naval personnel and use of Navy facilities and material in events sponsored by nongovernment organizations except where otherwise stated.

(b) In accordance with the established responsibilities of local officers in command, these officers will continue to determine whether facilities, equipment and personnel within their cognizance may be provided for such programs (except in the Washington, DC area where the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Public Affairs) is the authorizing authority).

(c) Officers in command will ensure that participation is appropriate in scope and type, and is limited to those occasions which are: In keeping with the dignity of the Department of the Navy, in good taste and in conformance with the provisions of part 721 of this chapter. The national, regional, state or local significance of the event and the agency sponsoring the event will be used as guides in determining the scope and type of Navy participation to be authorized.

(d) Participation in community relations programs is authorized and encouraged to accomplish the aims and purposes as set forth in § 705.18 (following). Where mutually beneficial to the Department of Defense and the public, support authorized and provided is always subject to operational considerations, availability of requested support and the policy guidance provided herein.

(e) Military personnel, facilities, and materiel may be used to support non-government public affairs programs when:

(1) The use of such facilities, equipment and personnel will not interfere with the military mission or the training or operational commitments of the command.

(2) Such programs are sponsored by responsible organizations.

(3) Such programs are known to be nonpartisan in character, and there is no reason to believe that the views to be expressed by the participants will be contrary to established national policy.

(f) The sponsoring organizations or groups will be clearly identified in all cases where naval personnel participate as speakers, or military support is furnished.

(g) Public affairs programs sponsored by civilian organizations will not be cosponsored by a naval command unless expressly authorized by the Chief of Information.

(h) Participation will not normally be authorized in public events when the presence of military participants deprives civilians of employment. Officers in command will screen all requests for use of material and personnel in Navy-sponsored social functions held off military installations.

(i) Navy participation and cooperation must not directly or indirectly endorse, or selectively benefit, or appear to endorse, benefit or favor, any private individual, group, corporation (whether for profit or nonprofit), sect, quasi-religious or ideological movement, fraternal, or political organization, or commercial venture, or be associated with the solicitation of votes in a political election.

(1) Providing use of government facilities, such as transportation, housing, or messing, at government expense to private groups is normally interpreted as a selective benefit or favor and is not authorized as part of a community relations program. Therefore, such provisions are normally not authorized as part of a community relations program, even though certain uses of facilities may be authorized under directives on domestic action or other programs.

(2) The above does not bar private groups from providing entertainment on base. However, the appearance must be for entertainment and not for fund-raising, or any political or promotional purpose.

(j) Community relations programs must always be conducted in a manner free from any discrimination because of race, creed, color, national origin, or sex.

(1) Navy participation in a public event is not authorized if admission, seating and other accommodations and facilities are restricted in a discriminatory manner.

(2) Exceptions for participation may be made under certain circumstances for an ethnic or ideological group when they do not entertain any purpose of discriminating against any other group. Any such exceptions must be referred to the Chief of Information for consideration.

(3) Support to nationally recognized veterans' organizations is authorized when the participation is in support of positive programs which are not in themselves discriminatory.

(4) Navy support to nonpublic school activities is authorized when the participation is clearly in support of educational programs or Navy recruiting.

(5) Commands should ensure minority participation in all community relations activities and events, as appropriate. This includes but is not limited to the following:

(i) Ensure that the minority community is aware of the procedure for obtaining Navy support for community events and that they are appraised of the use of Navy demonstration teams, units, and speakers.

(ii) Encourage Navy involvement in, and attention to, local minority community events.

(iii) Continue to cultivate a rapport with key members of all minority communities.

(k) Participation is not authorized if there is fund raising of any type connected with the event, except as provided for in § 705.34.

(l) No admission charge may be levied on the public solely to see an Armed Forces demonstration, unit, or exhibit.

(1) When admission is charged, the Armed Forces activity must not be the sole or primary attraction.

(2) A general admission charge need not be considered prohibitory to Navy participation, but no specific or additional charge may be made because of Navy participation.

(3) Participation shall be incidental to the event except for programs of a patriotic nature, celebration of national holidays, or events which are open to the general public at no charge for admission.

(4) The provisions of this paragraph do not apply to the Navy's Blue Angel Flight Demonstration Team or to the Navy Band and other special bands engaged in authorized concert tours conducted at no additional cost to the government.

(m) Some participation in or support of commercially sponsored programs on audio or visual media is allowable. See §§ 705.7 and 705.8.

(n) Some participation which supports commercial advertising, publicity and promotional activities or events is allowable. See section 0405, par. 3 of the Navy Public Affairs Regulations.

(o) Navy speakers may be provided for certain events at which other forms of Navy participation may not be appropriate. See section 0604, par. 8 of the Navy Public Affairs Regulations.

(p) When participation is in the mutual interest of the Navy and the sponsor of the event, participation will be authorized at no additional cost to the government. Additional costs to the government (travel and transportation of military personnel, meals and quarters, or standard per diem allowances, etc.) will be borne by the sponsor.

(q) Department of Defense policy prohibits payment by the Armed Forces for rental of exhibit space, utilities, or janitorial costs. Other exceptions may be given under unusual circumstances.

(r) Navy participation in professional sports events and post-season bowl games will frequently be authorized at no additional cost to the government, will emphasize Joint Service activity when possible, and must support recruiting programs. Chief of Information approval is required.

(s) Navy participation in public events shall be authorized only when it can be reasonably expected to bring credit to the individuals involved and to the Armed Forces and their recruiting objectives. Naval personnel will not be used in such capacities as ushers, guards, parking lot attendants, runner or messengers, baggage handlers or for crowd control, or in any installations.

(t) Maximum advantage of recruiting potential will be taken at appropriate events for which Navy participation has been authorized.

(u) Navy support will not normally be authorized for commercially-oriented events such as shopping center promotions, Christmas parades, and other such events clearly sponsored by, or conducted for the benefit of commercial interests. However, this policy does not preclude participation of Navy recruiting personnel and their organic equipment, materials and exhibits so long as their participation is not used to stimulate sales or increase the flow of business traffic or to give that appearance. Requests for exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Chief of Information.

(v) Questions as to appropriateness of Navy participation, or as to existing Navy and OASD (PA) policy, may be referred to the Chief of Information.

(w) Procedures for requesting participation are addressed in § 705.21.

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