Title 32

SECTION 705.16

705.16 Navy produced public information material.

§ 705.16 Navy produced public information material.

(a) Still photo - (1) General. (i) The policy and procedures given for media produced still photos in § 705.10, apply to Navy produced photos.

(ii) The Office of Information does not issue, nor have funds available for the purchases of, any photographic equipment or supplies for Navy commands. Details on the establishment of authorized laboratories and acquisition of equipment and supplies are given in the Manual of Navy Photography (OPNAVINST 3150.6D).

(2) Photographic coverage of command events. (i) If more than two photographers are required to cover a public event, consideration should be given to having them wear appropriate civilian attire.

(ii) Personnel in uniform who are amateur photographers and who are attending the event as spectators will not be discouraged from taking photos.

(3) Unofficial photos taken by Navy personnel. (i) The following regulations apply to Navy civilian employees and to Navy personnel in transit through a command, as well as to active duty personnel assigned to the command.

(ii) Personal cameras and related equipment are permitted on Navy ships, aircraft and stations at the discretion of the officer in command.

(iii) An officer in command may screen all photos taken by naval personnel with personal cameras within the jurisdiction of the command to protect classified information or to acquire photos for official use, including public affairs. Photographs taken by bystanders at times of accident, combat, or similar significant events can be valuable for preparation of official report and public release. They should be collected for screening and review as expeditiously as possible.

(iv) Amateur photographers should also be encouraged to volunteer the use of interesting or significant photos for public affairs use.

(v) Photos made by naval personnel, with either personal cameras and film, Navy equipment and film, or any combination thereof, may be designated “Official Navy Photo” if it is considered in the best interests of the Navy.

(A) All precautions will be taken to protect such film from loss or damage, and all unclassified personal photos not designated as “official” will be returned to the owner immediately after review.

(B) When a photo taken by an individual who is not an official photographer is selected for public affairs release:

(1) The photographer will receive credit for his work in the same manner as an official photographer.

(2) The original negative or transparency will be retained and assigned an official file number. It will then be handled like any other official Navy photograph.

(3) At least one duplicate negative or transparency of each unclassified personal photo which has been designated as “official” will be prepared and delivered to the photographer. A black-and-white print may also be prepared for the photographer's personal use.

(b) Audiovisual. (1) The Chief of Information releases TV featurettes directly to local TV stations and the Office of Information's Branch Offices (NAV INFO's). After such featurettes have been cleared for public release by the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Public Affairs).

(2) The Assistant Secretary of Defense (PA) must approve, prior to commitment of funds, the initiation of Navy audiovisual productions intended for public release.

(3) Motion picture film.

(i) Film of major news value will be forwarded immediately, unprocessed, to the Commanding Officer, U.S. Naval Photographic Center. The package should be labeled as follows:

News Film - Do Not Delay Commanding Officer, U.S. Naval Photographic Center (ATTN: CHINFO Liaison), Washington, DC 20374. News Film - Do Not Delay The Commanding Officer of the Naval Photographic Center will be advised (with an information copy to the Chief of Information) of its forwarding, the subject, type and amount of footage, method of delivery, and estimated time of arrival in Washington.

(ii) The original negative of motion picture photography of feature value (photography which will not lose its timeliness over a reasonable length of time) will be forwarded to the Naval Photographic Center, and a copy of the forwarding letter will be sent to the Chief of Information.

(c) Fleet Home Town News Center (FHTNC). (1) All public affairs officers will assure that appropirate news and photo releases on personnel of their commands are regularly sent to the Fleet Home Town News Center.

(2) Procedures, requirements and formats are contained in CHIN-FOINST 5724.1.

[41 FR 29101, July 15, 1976, as amended at 44 FR 6390, Feb. 1, 1979]