Title 32

SECTION 705.13

705.13 Commercial advertising.

§ 705.13 Commercial advertising.

(a) The Navy encourages cooperation with advertisers. However, the layout, artwork and text of the proposed advertisement must be submitted to the Chief of Information for review and for clearance by other appropriate authorities.

(b) Requests from commercial enterprises (including those with Navy contracts) for use of Navy personnel, facilities, equipment or supplies for advertising purposes must be referred to the Chief of Information.

(c) Official Navy photos which have been cleared and are released for open publication may be furnished for commercial advertising, if properly identified and captioned. No photos will be taken exclusively for the use of an advertiser.

(d) Navy cooperation in commercial advertising, publicity and other promotional activities will be based on the following requirements.

(1) It must be in accordance with the provisions of 32 CFR part 721.

(2) It must be in good taste and not reflect discredit on the Navy or the U.S. Government. Statements made must be matters of fact, without misleading information or other objectionable features.

(3) It must not indicate that a product is used by the Navy to the exclusion of similar products offered by other manufacturers or appear to endorse or selectively benefit or favor (directly or indirectly) any private individual, sect, fraternal organization, commercial venture or political group, or be associated with solicitation of votes in a political election. It will not infer Navy responsibility for the accuracy of the advertiser's claims or for his compliance with laws protecting the rights of privacy of military personnel whose photographs, names or statements appear in the advertisement. It will neither indicate that a product has undergone Navy tests nor disclose data from any Navy tests which may have been made.

(4) It may not promote the use of tobacco or alcohol.

(e) Use of uniforms and naval insignias. These may be used provided it is done in a dignified manner.

(f) Use of Naval personnel:

(1) Personnel may receive no compensation.

(2) Personnel will not be inconvenienced or have their training or normal duties interrupted.

(3) Written consent from the person concerned must be obtained before a photo may be used.

(4) Navy civilians and military personnel on active duty may not use their position titles or ranks in connection with any commercial enterprise or endorsement of a commercial product. (Retired personnel and Reserves not on active duty may use their military titles in connection with commercial enterprises if this does not give rise to the appearance of sponsorship of the enterprise by the Navy or Department or in any way reflect discredit upon them.)

(5) Testimonials from naval personnel are not banned, but the person giving the testimonial must not be specifically identified.

(i) The use of name, initials, rank or rate of Navy personnel appearing in testimonial advertising is not permitted, but such expressions as, “says a Navy chief,” may be used.

(ii) Care will be taken to ensure that testimonials from Navy personnel are presented in such a way as to make clear that the views expressed are those of the individual and not of the Department of the Navy.