Title 32

SECTION 705.11

705.11 Supplying photographs and services to other than Navy and Marine Corps.

§ 705.11 Supplying photographs and services to other than Navy and Marine Corps.

(a) To avoid competition with civilian photographic organizations, naval aircraft will not be used to take photographs for, nor will photographs or mosaic maps be provided to any individuals, corporations, or agencies other than departments or agencies of the federal government, without specific permission from the Chief of Naval Operations.

(b) In the case of natural catastrophe, or other circumstances where prompt action is required, the senior officer present may authorize a departure from the preceding paragraph. In all such cases, a report of the circumstances will be made to the Chief of Naval Operations.

(c) This policy does not preclude releases to the media, news companies, and others in accordance with established procedures, or the sale of released photographs to private agencies or individuals under existing Department of Defense regulations and part 701, subparts A-D, Availability to the public of Department of the Navy Information and Records. Normally, requests by individuals for still photographs and motion picture photography for private use are forwarded to the Commanding Officer, Naval Photographic Center, Naval Station, Washington, DC 20390, for action. Procedures for the collection or authority for waiver of fees for service and material provided are set forth in Volume III, NAVCOMPT Manual, and part 701, subparts A-D.

(d) Navy aerial photography released for sale to the public is transferred to the United States Department of the Interior. Inquirers regarding the purchase of this photography should be directed to Chief, Map Information Office, Geological Survey, Department of the Interior, Washington, DC 20025.

(e) Navy training films suitable for sale to the public are transferred to the National Audio-Visual Center, National Archives and Records Service, General Services Administration, Washington, DC 20408. Inquires regarding the sale of Navy training films should be addressed to the National Audio-Visual Center.

(f) This policy does not preclude releases to contractors and others properly engaged in the conduct of the Navy's business. However, when services are performed for other agencies of the government, and under certain conditions, for other military departments, the Navy Comptroller Manual prescribes that such are subject to reimbursement.

(g) All private inquiries from foreign nationals should be returned, advising the addressee to contact his local U.S. Information Service officer for the desired materials.