Title 32

SECTION 705.10

705.10 Still photography.

§ 705.10 Still photography.

(a) Policy and procedures on taking photos by the general public, given in § 705.5 apply also to media representatives.

(b) Basic policy and procedures for still photos are set forth in the Manual of Naval Photography, OPNAVINST 3150.6D.

(c) Authority to forbid photography:

(1) On Navy property, the officer in command may forbid the taking of photographs and may confiscate film, reviewing it if it is suspected that classified material has been photographed. In such cases, all unclassified photos will be returned promptly to the photographer.

(2) Navy personnel have no authority to confiscate film off Navy property. If, as in an accident, classified equipment is exposed which cannot be removed or covered, Navy representatives will ask news media photographers not to photograph it and will inform them of 18 U.S.C. 793(e), 795, 797, which makes it a criminal offense to photograph classified material. Navy personnel will not use force if media photographers refuse to cooperate, but will instead seek the assistance of appropriate civil authorities and/or the photographer's superior in recovering film or photographs presumed to be of classified nature.

(3) If media photographers are uncooperative in regard to protection of classified material, an account of the matter will be forwarded to the Chief of Information.

(d) Release of photographs:

(1) Most unclassified photographs of interest to the public may be released to news media. However, the rights of individuals photographed and special constraints such as those described in section 0403 of the Public Affairs Regulations must be taken into consideration before a decision is made to release a photograph. In addition, photos which might be harmful to recruiting or otherwise not be in the Navy's best interests will not be used unless this failure to release them constitutes suppression of legitimate news.

(2) Photographs of strictly local interest can be made available by the command to local media without being submitted to review by higher authority.

(3) If a feature type photo released locally is considered of possible interest elsewhere, because of its human interest or artistic merit, a single print should be forwarded to the Chief of Information, together with a notation of the distribution made.

(4) Photographs of national interest:

(i) “Spot news” photos may be released by a District Commandant or Fleet or Force Commander.

(ii) If a photo has been released by a local command to national news media:

(A) The original negative or transparency will be forwarded by the fastest available means to the Commanding Officer, Naval Photographic Center, Naval Station, Washington, DC 20390. Such forwarding will be in accordance with the Manual of Naval Photography, par. 0445, subparagraphs 3 and 4.

(B) One print, a copy of the letter of transmittal, and the distribution list will be forwarded to the Chief of Information.

(C) Navy units with a Unified Command will forward the photos through Unified Command channels.

(D) All other commands will forward the photos to the Chief of Information who will effect coordination with the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Public Affairs) and, if necessary, arrange for security review.

(iii) Photography of research activities is normally considered to be of national interest.

(iv) Still photographs of national news interest may be forwarded, unprocessed, for release by the Chief of Information by any command not subject to the authority of a Unified or Specified Commander. Such forwarding will be in accordance with paragraph 0445, subparagraph 3, of the Manual of Naval Photography. All available caption material will be forwarded with this unprocessed photography.