Title 32

SECTION 1901.44

1901.44 Action by appeals authority.

§ 1901.44 Action by appeals authority.

(a) Preparation of docket. The Coordinator, acting as the Executive Secretary of the Agency Release Panel, shall place administrative appeals of Privacy Act requests ready for adjudication on the agenda at the next occurring meeting of that Panel. The Executive Secretary shall provide a summation memorandum for consideration of the members; the complete record of the request consisting of the request, the document(s) (sanitized and full text) at issue, and the findings of the concerned Deputy Director(s) or designee(s).

(b) Decision by the Agency Release Panel. The Agency Release Panel shall meet and decide requests sitting as a committee of the whole. Decisions are by majority vote of those present at a meeting and shall be based on the written record and their deliberations; no personal appearances shall be permitted without the express permission of the Panel.

(c) Decision by the Historical Records Policy Board. In any cases of divided vote by the ARP, any member of that body is authorized to refer the request to the CIA Historical Records Policy Board which acts as the senior corporate board for the Agency. The record compiled (the request, the memoranda filed by the originator and interested parties, and the previous decision(s)) as well as any memorandum of law or policy the referent desires to be considered, shall be certified by the Executive Secretary of the Agency Release Panel and shall constitute the official record of the proceedings and must be included in any subsequent filings.