Title 32


143.6 Activity not covered by this part.

§ 143.6 Activity not covered by this part.

(a) This part does not limit the right of any member of the Armed Forces to:

(1) Join or maintain membership in any lawful organization or association not constituting a “military labor organization” as defined in § 146.3 of this part;

(2) Present complaints or grievances concerning the terms or conditions of the service of such member in the Armed Forces in accordance with established military procedures;

(3) Seek or receive information or counseling from any source;

(4) Be represented by counsel in any legal or quasi-legal proceeding, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations;

(5) Petition the Congress for redress of grievances; or

(6) Take such other administrative action to seek such administrative or judicial relief, as is authorized by applicable laws and regulations.

(b) This part does not prevent commanders or supervisors from giving consideration to the views of any member of the Armed Forces presented individually or as a result of participation on command-sponsored or authorized advisory councils, committees, or organizations.

(c) This part does not prevent any civilian employed at a military installation from joining or being a member of an organization that engages in representational activities with respect to terms or conditions of civilian employment.