Title 32

PART 809a

Part 809a - Installation Entry Policy, Civil Disturbance Intervention And Disaster Assistance

PART 809a - INSTALLATION ENTRY POLICY, CIVIL DISTURBANCE INTERVENTION AND DISASTER ASSISTANCE Authority:10 U.S.C. 332 and 333. Source:67 FR 13718, Mar. 26, 2002, unless otherwise noted.

32: 809a.0
   809a.0 Purpose.
32: A
Subpart A - Installation Entry Policy
32: 809a.1
   809a.1 Random installation entry point checks.
32: 809a.2
   809a.2 Military responsibility and authority.
32: 809a.3
   809a.3 Unauthorized entry.
32: 809a.4
   809a.4 Use of Government facilities.
32: 809a.5
   809a.5 Barment procedures.
32: B
Subpart B [Reserved]