Title 31


91.12 Vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

§ 91.12 Vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

(a) Drivers of all vehicles in or on the property shall drive in a careful and safe manner at all times and shall comply with the signals and directions of guards and all posted traffic signs.

(b) The blocking of entrances, driveways, walks, loading platforms, or fire hydrants in or on the property is prohibited.

(c) Parking in or on the property is not allowed without a permit or specific authority. Parking without authority, parking in unauthorized locations or in locations reserved for other persons or continuously in excess of 8 hours without permission, or contrary to the direction of a uniformed Bureau of the Mint guard, or of posted signs, is prohibited.

(d) This paragraph may be supplemented from time to time with the approval of the Director of the Mint, or the delegate of the Director, by the issuance and posting of such specific traffic directives as may be required and when so issued and posted such directives shall have the same force and effect as if made a part hereof.