Title 31

SECTION 515.555

515.555 Assets of Cuban firms wholly or substantially owned by U.S. citizens.

§ 515.555 Assets of Cuban firms wholly or substantially owned by U.S. citizens.

(a) Specific licenses are issued to applicants requesting the unblocking of their stock in Cuban corporations if:

(1) The corporation was wholly or substantially owned by United States citizens on July 8, 1963;

(2) The assets are in the United States and either;

(3) The applicant is a stockholder who was a United States citizen on July 8, 1963 and owned the stock interests on that date; or,

(4) The applicant is a non-blocked person who acquired such stock interest after July 8, 1963 from a person specified in paragraph (a)(3) of this section.

(b) The issuance of licenses is conditioned on the applicant's furnishing the following information:

(1) Detailed information as to the status of all debts and other obligations of the Cuban corporation, specifying the citizenship and residence of each creditor as of July 8, 1963, and as of the date of filing of the application;

(2) Current status of the Cuban corporation, e.g., liquidated, nationalized, inoperative, etc.;

(3) A detailed description of all the corporation's assets, wherever located;

(4) A list of all officers, directors, and stockholders giving the citizenship and the residence of each such person as of July 8, 1963; and,

(5) Satisfactory proof that such stock was owned by U.S. citizens as of July 8, 1963. Such proof may consist of sworn statements by the persons in question attesting to their citizenship. The Office of Foreign Assets Control reserves the right to require additional proof of citizenship.

[39 FR 25319, July 10, 1974]