Title 31

SECTION 256.50

256.50 How does Fiscal Service process back pay awards

§ 256.50 How does Fiscal Service process back pay awards?

The submitting agency may request one of two methods to process back pay awards.

(a) One method has three parts. The first part is a payment of net back pay (and interest if authorized), which is sent to the plaintiff or to the plaintiff's attorney, as directed by the submitting agency. The second part is a payment to the agency of deductions from the net back pay. The third part is a payment of attorney fees, which is sent directly to the attorney.

(b) Under the second method, Fiscal Service pays the entire back pay award to the agency out of whose actions the claim arose. The agency then issues amounts representing back pay (and interest if authorized) to the plaintiff and retains amounts representing deductions. Fiscal Service pays the attorney fees directly to the attorney.

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