Title 31


203.5 Designation of financial institutions as TT&L depositaries.

§ 203.5 Designation of financial institutions as TT&L depositaries.

(a) Parties to the agreement. To be designated as a TT&L depositary, a financial institution must enter into a depositary agreement with Treasury or Treasury's Fiscal agent. By entering into this agreement, the financial institution agrees to be bound by this part, and procedural instructions issued pursuant to this part. Treasury will not compensate depositaries for servicing and maintaining a TT&L account, or for processing tax payments through EFTPS or PATAX, unless otherwise provided for in procedural instructions.

(b) Application procedures. (1) An eligible financial institution seeking designation as a TT&L depositary must file the forms specified in the procedural instructions with the TSC. A TT&L depositary must elect to be one or more of the following:

(i) A collector depositary;

(ii) A retainer depositary;

(iii) An investor depositary.

(2) A financial institution is not authorized to maintain a TT&L account, TIP main account balance, SDI account balance, or TIO account balance until the TSC designates it as a TT&L depository.