Title 31

SECTION 203.19

203.19 Sources of balances.

§ 203.19 Sources of balances.

A financial institution must be a collector depositary that accepts term investments, an investor depositary, or a retainer depositary to participate in the investment program. Depositaries electing to participate in the investment program can receive Treasury's investments in obligations of the depositary from the following sources:

(a) FTDs that have been credited to the depositary's TIP main account balance pursuant to subpart C of this part;

(b) EFTPS ACH credit and debit transactions, Fedwire ® non-value transactions, and Fedwire ® value transfers pursuant to subpart B of this part;

(c) Direct investments, SDIs, dynamic investments, and term investments pursuant to subpart D of this part; and

(d) Other excess Treasury operating funds.