Title 31

SECTION 203.15

203.15 Tax deposits using FTD coupons.

§ 203.15 Tax deposits using FTD coupons.

A TT&L depositary processing FTD coupons may choose to be designated as a retainer depositary, an investor depositary, or a collector depositary. A TT&L depositary that accepts FTD coupons through any of its offices that accept demand and/or savings deposits must:

(a) Accept from a taxpayer that presents an FTD coupon: cash, a postal money order drawn to the order of the depositary, or a check or draft drawn on and to the order of the depositary, covering an amount to be deposited as Federal taxes. A TT&L depositary may accept, at its discretion, a check drawn on another financial institution, but it does so at its option and absorbs for its own account any float and other costs involved.

(b) Place a stamp impression on the face of each FTD coupon in the space provided. The stamp must reflect the date on which the TT&L depositary received the tax deposit and the name and location of the depositary. The IRS will determine whether the tax payment is on time by referring to the date stamped on the FTD coupon.

(c) Forward, each day, to the IRS Service Center serving the geographical area in which the TT&L depositary is located, the FTD coupons for all FTD deposits received that day and a copy of the AOC reflecting the total amount of all FTD coupons.

(d) Establish an adequate record of all FTD deposits prior to transmitting them to 36 the IRS Service Center so that the TT&L depositary will be able to identify deposits in the event the FTD coupons are lost in shipment. To be adequate, the record must show, at a minimum for each deposit, the date of the deposit, the taxpayer identification number, the amount of the deposit, the tax period ending date, the type of tax deposited, and the employer name. Alternatively, the TT&L depositary may retain a copy of each FTD coupon forwarded to the IRS Service Center.

(e) On the business day following receipt of an FTD coupon, submit the AOC information electronically to the TSC.

(f) Not accept compensation from taxpayers for accepting FTDs and handling them as required by this section.