Title 31

SECTION 203.13

203.13 Appeal and dispute resolution.

§ 203.13 Appeal and dispute resolution.

(a) Contest. A financial institution may contest any interest assessed under § 203.12 or any late fees assessed under § 203.17. To do so, the financial institution must submit information supporting its position and the relief sought. The information must be received, in writing, by the Treasury officer or Fiscal agent identified in the procedural instructions, no later than 90 calendar days after the date the TSC debits the Federal reserve account of the financial institution under § 203.12 or § 203.17. The Treasury officer or Fiscal agent will make a decision to: Uphold, reverse, or modify the assessment, or mandate other action.

(b) Appeal. The financial institution may appeal the decision referenced in subsection (a) to Treasury as set forth in the procedural instructions. No further administrative review of Treasury's decision is available under this part.

(c) Recoveries. In the event of an over or under recovery of interest, principal, or late fees, Treasury will instruct the TSC to credit or debit the financial institution's reserve account.