Title 29

SECTION 530.410

530.410 Special procedures.

§ 530.410 Special procedures.

In a revocation proceeding pursuant to § 530.205(d) of subpart C of this part arising as a result of a certificate holder's failure to pay back wages or civil money penalties judged owing, the Administrator may file a motion for expedited decision, attaching to the notice, by affidavit or other means, evidence that a final order has been entered or agreement signed requiring respondent to pay back wages or civil money penalties and that the back wages or civil money penalties have not been paid. The respondent in the proceeding shall have 20 days in which to file a countering affidavit or other evidence. If no evidence countering the material assertions of the Administrator has been submitted within 20 days, the Administrative Law Judge shall, within 30 days thereafter, affirm the revocation or denial of the certificate. If the respondent does timely file such evidence, the Administrative Law Judge shall schedule a hearing pursuant to § 530.411(c) of this subpart and the case shall be subject to the expeditious procedures following therein.