Title 29

SECTION 530.402

530.402 Notice of determination.

§ 530.402 Notice of determination.

Whenever the Administrator determines to deny or revoke a certificate or determines to assess a civil money penalty, the person affected by such determination shall be notified of the determination in writing, by certified mail to the last known address. The notice required shall:

(a) Set forth the determination of the Administrator, including the specific statutory or regulatory provision or assurance violated, the reasons for denying or revoking a certificate, or the amount of any civil money penalty assessment and the reason or reasons therefor.

(b) Set forth the right to request a hearing on such determination.

(c) Set forth the time and method for requesting a hearing, and the procedures relating thereto, as set forth in § 530.403 of this subpart.

(d) Inform any affected person or persons that in lieu of formal proceedings there is available an alternative summary proceeding under § 530.412 of this subpart.

(e) Inform any affected persons that in the absence of a timely request for a hearing the determination of the Administrator shall become final and unappealable.