Title 29


530.4 Terms and conditions for the issuance of individual homeworker certificates.

§ 530.4 Terms and conditions for the issuance of individual homeworker certificates.

(a) Upon application by the homeworker and the employer on forms provided by the Wage and Hour Division, certificates may be issued to the applicant employer authorizing the employment of a particular worker in industrial homework in a particular industry, provided that the application is in proper form and sets forth facts showing that the worker:

(1)(i) Is unable to adjust to factory work because of age or physical or mental disability; or

(ii) Is unable to leave home because the worker's presence is required to care for an invalid in the home; and

(2)(i) Was engaged in industrial homework in the particular industry for which the certificate is applied, as such industry is defined in § 530.1, prior to: (a) April 4, 1942, in the button and buckle manufacturing industry; (b) November 2, 1942, in the embroideries industry; (c) April 1, 1941, in the gloves and mittens industry; (d) October 7, 1942, in the handkerchief manufacturing industry; (e) July 1, 1941, in the jewelry manufacturing industry; or (f) March 5, 1942, in the women's apparel industry, except that if this requirement shall result in unusual hardship to the individual homeworker it shall not be applied; or

(ii) Is engaged in industrial homework under the supervision of a State Vocational Rehabilitation Agency.

(b) No homeworker shall perform industrial homework for more than one employer in the same industry, but homework employment in one industry shall not be a bar to the issuance of certificates for other industries.

(Information collection requirements contained in paragraph (a) were approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 1235-0001) [24 FR 729, Feb. 3, 1959, as amended at 43 FR 28470, June 30, 1978; 46 FR 50349, Oct. 9, 1981; 49 FR 44270, Nov. 5, 1984; 53 FR 45722, Nov. 10, 1988; 82 FR 2228, Jan. 9, 2017]