Title 29

SECTION 530.103

530.103 Employer assurances.

§ 530.103 Employer assurances.

In order to be granted a certificate authorizing the employment of industrial homeworkers, the employer must provide written assurances concerning the employment of homeworkers subject to section 11(d) of the Fair Labor Standards Act to the effect that:

(a) All homeworkers shall be paid in accordance with the monetary provisions of the Act.

(b) All homeworkers shall be employed in compliance with the child labor provisions contained in section 12 of the Act and regulations and orders issued pursuant to section 12. All homeworkers will be instructed not to permit minors to work in violation of such provisions.

(c) Records of hours worked and wages paid shall be maintained in accordance with section 11 of the Act and part 516 of this chapter.

(d) All homeworkers shall complete homeworker handbooks in accordance with § 516.31 of part 516.

(e) All homeworkers will be instructed to accurately record all hours worked, piece work information, and business-related expenses in the handbooks.

(f) All records shall be made available for inspection and transcription by the Administrator or a duly authorized and designated representative, or transcription by the employer upon written request.

(g) Piece rates paid to homeworkers shall be established using stop watch time studies or other work measurement methods.

(h) All homeworkers shall be encouraged to cooperate with the Department in any investigation that may be made.

(i) With respect to jewelry manufacturing, no operations other than the stringing of beads and other jewelry and the carding and packaging of jewelry will be performed by homeworkers.