Title 29

SECTION 520.403

520.403 What information is required when applying for authority to pay less than the minimum wage

§ 520.403 What information is required when applying for authority to pay less than the minimum wage?

(a) A separate application must be made for each plant or establishment requesting authorization for employment of messengers and/or learners at subminimum wages, on the official form furnished by the Wage and Hour Division, containing all information required by the form including:

(1) Information concerning efforts made by the applicant to obtain experienced workers in occupation(s) for which learners are requested;

(2) The occupations/industry in which the messenger(s) and/or learner(s) are to be employed;

(3) A statement explaining why employment of messenger(s) and/or learners(s) at subminimum wages is needed to prevent curtailment of employment opportunities;

(4) The number of messengers and/or learners the applicant anticipates employing at subminimum wages under special certificate;

(5) If requesting authorization for the employment of learners at subminimum wages for a learning period greater than 240 hours, information pertinent to the extraordinary circumstances necessitating such a request. While each such request will be considered on its own merit, it is anticipated that such authorizations would be limited to occupations requiring an extended period of specialized training;

(6) The number of messengers and/or learners hired at subminimum wages during the twelve-month period prior to making application;

(7) Total number of nonsupervisory workers in the particular plant or establishment for which a certificate is requested;

(8) The number of experienced workers in the learner occupations and their straight-time average hourly earnings during the last payroll period and the corresponding payroll period in the prior year; and

(9) The type of equipment to be used by learners.

(b) For apprentices, the employer or apprenticeship committee must submit a copy of the registered apprenticeship program.

(c) Any applicant may also submit such additional information as may be pertinent. Applications which fail to provide the information required by the form may be returned to the applicant with a notation of deficiencies and without prejudice against submission of a new or revised application.

(The information collection requirements contained in paragraphs (a), (b), and (c) were approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 1235-0001) [62 FR 64959, Dec. 9, 1997, as amended at 82 FR 2227, Jan. 9, 2017]