Title 29

SECTION 519.17

519.17 Records to be kept.

§ 519.17 Records to be kept.

(a) The employer shall designate each worker employed as a full-time student under a full-time student certificate at subminimum wages, as provided under part 516 of this chapter.

(b)(1) In addition to the records required under part 516 of this chapter and this subpart, the employer shall keep the records specified in paragraphs (b)(2) and (3) of this section specifically relating to full-time students employed at subminimum wages.

(2) The institution shall obtain at the time of hiring and keep in its records information that the employee is its full-time student at the physical location of the institution in accordance with its accepted definition of a full-time student. During a period between attendance at different schools not longer than the usual summer vacation, the acceptance by the institution of the full-time student for its next term will satisfy the requirements of (b)(2) of this section.

(3) An institution of higher education shall maintain records showing the total number of all full-time students of the type defined in § 519.12(a) employed at the campus of the institution at less than the minimum wage otherwise applicable under the Act, and the total number of all employees at the campus to whom the minimum wage provision of the Act applies.

(c) The records required in this section, including a copy of any full-time student certificate issued, shall be kept for a period of 3 years at the place and made available for inspection, both as provided in part 516 of this chapter.

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