Title 29

SECTION 519.15

519.15 Conditions governing issuance of full-time student certificates.

§ 519.15 Conditions governing issuance of full-time student certificates.

Certificates authorizing the employment of full-time students at subminimum wage rates shall not be issued unless the following conditions are met:

(a) Full-time students are available for employment at subminimum rates; the granting of a certificate is necessary in order to prevent curtailment of opportunities for employment.

(b) The employment of full-time students will not create a substantial probability of reducing the full-time employment opportunities for persons other than those employed under such certificates.

(c) Abnormal labor conditions such as a strike or lockout do not exist in the units of the campus for which a full-time student certificate is requested.

(d) The data given on the application are accurate and based on available records.

(e) There are no serious outstanding violations of the provisions of a full-time student certificate previously issued to the employer, nor have there been any serious violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act (including Child-Labor Regulation No. 3 and the Hazardous Occupations Orders published in part 570 of this chapter) which provide reasonable grounds to conclude that the terms of a certificate may not be complied with, if issued.

(f) The subminimum wage rate(s) proposed to be paid full-time students under temporary authorization or under certificate is not less than 85 percent of the minimum wage applicable under section 6 of the Act.

(g) Full-time students are not to be employed by an institution of higher education at subminimum wages under this subpart in unrelated trades or businesses as defined and applied under sections 511 through 515 of the Internal Revenue Code, such as apartment houses, stores, or other businesses not primarily catering to the students of the institution.

(h) Certificates will not be issued where such issuance will result in a reduction of the wage rate paid to a current employee, including current student employees.