Title 29


515.4 Submission of plan.

§ 515.4 Submission of plan.

The State agency shall submit a plan, in quadruplicate, which shall include the following:

(a) A copy of the Act establishing the State agency, copies of the laws administered by the State agency, and if there is an act specifically authorizing the State to cooperate with the Division or the Secretary of Labor, or both, a copy of such Act.

(b) A description of the organization of the State agency, illustrated by organization charts, showing the delegation of responsibility and lines of authority to be followed within the agency in the enforcement of the act and State labor laws.

(c) A description: (1) Of the manner in which investigations and inspections under the Acts will be coordinated with the investigations and inspections for enforcement of State child-labor, maximum-hour and minimum-wage laws and regulations; (2) of the location of offices of the administrative division designated to make inspections under the Acts, with the job titles of employees located in each such office and employees assigned to work in connection with the Acts so designated; and (3) of the manner in which the work of inspectors will be supervised.

(d) Provisions for the establishment and maintenance of personnel administration, with respect to personnel engaged in work under the Acts for the Division and the Secretary of Labor in accordance with the following standards:

(1) Job classifications based upon an analysis of the duties and responsibilities of positions;

(2) A compensation schedule adjusted to State salary schedules for similar positions: Provided, however, That all salaries paid by the State for services rendered in accordance with an agreement entered into pursuant to § 515.2 shall be on the basis of applicable State laws or regulations, or in the absence of such applicable laws or regulations, on the approved and usual scale pair by the State for similar services and shall in no case exceed salaries paid for comparable Federal positions in the competitive classified service. Allowances for necessary traveling expenses shall be on the basis of State laws and regulations governing travel allowances;

(3) Assignment of personnel to Federal work only when their qualifications conform substantially with qualifications of Federal employees engaged in similar work, such assignment to be made only after submission to and approval by the Division and the Secretary of Labor of a statement of the training and experience of each person who will engage in Federal work;

(4) Appointment of new personnel on the basis of merit, either (i) from lists of eligible persons certified in the order of merit, secured under a merit system through State-wide competitive examinations which prescribe requirements of training and experience in substantial conformity with Federal civil service requirements for similar positions or (ii) from lists taken from Federal registers established through competitive examinations for similar positions, it being understood that such registers may be broken down by States;

(5) Adequate training of staff;

(6) Promotion on the basis of qualifications and performance;

(7) Security of tenure assured satisfactory employees, including right of notice and hearing prior to demotion or dismissal;

(8) Prohibition against employees engaging in political activities other than the exercise of their right to vote and to express privately their opinions on political questions.

(e) A budget which shall show, in detail, estimated expenditures by the State agency on behalf of the Division and the Secretary of Labor for services to be rendered in connection with the administration of the Acts and a budget which shall show estimated expenditure for the enforcement of comparable State laws and regulations during the period covered by the agreement; a statement showing funds appropriated to or allocated for meeting the budget for estimated State expenditures; and a statement showing expenditures by the State agency for the enforcement of comparable State laws and regulations during the last fiscal year.

(f) A statement of State requirements in regard to fiscal practices and to appointment of personnel, together with copies of the laws and regulations setting forth such requirements.

(g) A statement from the Attorney General of the State or, if the Attorney General is not authorized to make such a statement, from the State official who is so authorized certifying that the State agency has authority to enter into an Agreement with the Division and the Secretary of Labor in accordance with this part.