Title 29

SECTION 510.24

510.24 Governmental entities eligible for minimum wage phase-in.

§ 510.24 Governmental entities eligible for minimum wage phase-in.

(a) The Commonwealth government of Puerto Rico has been determined to be eligible for treatment under Tier 2, on the basis of wage data supplied to the Department.

(b) Appendix C of this part contains a listing of Commonwealth government corporations, indicating the phase-in tier which applies. Entities which do not appear on the list are those for which no wage data were supplied. These entities are therefore categorized under Tier 1, and are ineligible for an extended phase-in.

(c) Appendix D of the part contains a listing of municipalities, indicating the phase-in tier which applies. Municipalities categorized under Tier 1 are those which failed to supply wage data.

(d) Employees of municipalities who have reason to believe that the municipality by which they are employed has been incorrectly categorized, e.g., categorized under Tier 3 instead of Tier 2, may no later than June 1, 1990, file with the Administrator a petition for review. The petition shall be accompanied by any information the employee may have to support a determination that the municipality is incorrectly categorized. In the event the Administrator determines that a tier other than that listed in appendix D of this part applies, the affected municipality shall be liable for retroactive payment of any back wages found to be due.

(e) Certain employees of municipalities or government corporations in which the average wage is less than $4.00 per hour are eligible to be paid under Tier 4, rather than Tier 3. Tier 4 applies only to those employees employed by municipalities or government corporations who are principally engaged in one or more of the “traditional” functions listed in § 510.24 (a) or (b). All other employees of such entities must be paid in accordance with Tier 3.

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