Title 29


502.5 Investigation authority of Secretary.

§ 502.5 Investigation authority of Secretary.

(a) General. The Secretary, either pursuant to a complaint or otherwise, shall, as may be appropriate, investigate and, in connection therewith, enter and inspect such places (including housing) and such vehicles, and such records (and make transcriptions thereof), question such persons and gather such information as deemed necessary by the Secretary to determine compliance with contractual obligations under sec. 218 of the INA or these regulations.

(b) Failure to cooperate with an investigation. Where any employer (or employer's agent or attorney) using the services of an H-2A worker does not cooperate with an investigation concerning the employment of H-2A workers or U.S. workers hired in corresponding employment, the WHD shall report such occurrence to ETA and may recommend that ETA revoke the existing certification that is the basis for the employment of the H-2A workers giving rise to the investigation, and the WHD may recommend to ETA the debarment of the employer from future certification for up to 3 years. In addition, the WHD may take such action as may be appropriate, including the seeking of an injunction and/or assessing civil money penalties, against any person who has failed to permit the WHD to make an investigation.

(c) Confidential investigation. The Secretary shall conduct investigations in a manner that protects the confidentiality of any complainant or other person who provides information to the Secretary in good faith.

(d) Report of violations. Any person may report a violation of the work contract obligations of sec. 218 of the INA or these regulations to the Secretary by advising any local office of the SWA, ETA, WHD, or any other authorized representative of the Secretary. The office or person receiving such a report shall refer it to the appropriate office of DOL, WHD for the geographic area in which the reported violation is alleged to have occurred.