Title 29


Subpart B - What are the General Provisions Governing the Employment of Messengers, Learners (Including Student-Learners), and Apprentices at Subminimum Wages?

29: 520.200
   520.200 What is the legal authority for payment of wages lower than the minimum wage required by section 6(a) of the Fair Labor Standards Act
29: 520.201
   520.201 How are those classifications of workers which may be paid subminimum wages under section 14(a) of the Fair Labor Standards Act defined
29: 520.202
   520.202 How do persons who want to apply for a particular certificate find out what is needed
29: 520.203
   520.203 What records does an employer have to keep when subminimum wage certificates are granted? How long do they have to be kept
29: 520.204
   520.204 If someone does not agree with the Department of Labor's decision on a certificate, can the decision be appealed
29: 520.205
   520.205 How do these rules affect other Federal, state and local laws and collective bargaining agreements