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Appendix C to Part 510 - Government Corporations Eligible for Minimum Wage Phase-In

29: : Appendix C

Appendix C to Part 510 - Government Corporations Eligible for Minimum Wage Phase-In

This appendix contains a listing of the public organizations (corporations) in Puerto Rico for which data have been provided by the Commonwealth for purposes of implementing the 1989 Amendments to FLSA. Such Corporations are subject to Tiers 1, 2, or 3, as set forth below. Corporations which are listed under Tier 3 may pay rates specified under Tier 4 to employees engaged in traditional activities, as defined in § 510.25 of the regulations. All other employees are subject to Tier 3. Organizations for which no data were provided are subject to Tier 1 treatment.

Tier Organization
1 Automobile Accidents Compensation Administration.
1 Cardiovascular Center Corporation of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.
2 Culebra Conservation and Development Authority.
3 Government Development Bank of Puerto Rico.
1 Highway Authority.
2 Industries for the Blind, Mentally Retarded, and other Disabled Persons of Puerto Rico.
1 Institute of Puerto Rican Culture.
2 Corporation for the Development and Administration of Marine, Lacustrine, and Fluvial Resources of Puerto Rico.
1 Metropolitan Bus Authority.
2 Puerto Rico Mineral Resource Development Corporation.
1 Musical Arts Corporation.
1 Public Building Authority.
1 Puerto Rico Institute of Cinematographic and Television Arts and Industries.
1 Puerto Rico Aqueducts and Sewer Authority.
1 Puerto Rico Communications Authority.
1 Puerto Rico Land Administration.
1 Puerto Rico Marine Shipping Authority.
1 Puerto Rico Medical Service Administration.
1 Puerto Rico Ports Authority.
1 Puerto Rico Musical Performing Arts Corporation.
2 Puerto Rico Rural Development Corporation.
3 Puerto Rico Sugar Board.
1 Puerto Rico Telephone Company.
2 Puerto Rico Solid Waste Management Authority.
1 Puerto Rico Housing Bank.
1 Puerto Rico Tourism Company.
3 Puerto Rico Renewal and Housing Corporation.
3 Puerto Rico Industrial Development Bank.
3 Recreational Development Company.
2 Right to Work Administration.