Title 28 Part 92 → Subpart B → §92.9

Title 28 → Chapter I → Part 92 → Subpart B → §92.9

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Title 28 Part 92 → Subpart B → §92.9

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Title 28Chapter IPart 92Subpart B → §92.9

Title 28: Judicial Administration
Subpart B—Police Recruitment Program Guidelines

§92.9   Publicizing the Police Recruitment Program.

Participating organizations should have experience in or an ability to develop procedures to publicize the availability of like programs. These programs should be widely publicized throughout the affected geographic area. The methods for publicizing the Police Recruitment programs may include, but are not limited to:

(a) Sending press releases to community bulletins, college and local newspapers, and television stations, as well as public service announcements to local and college radio stations;

(b) Sending information to and/or making presentations at:

(1) Local community colleges;

(2) Colleges and universities serving populations in the geographic area of the program;

(3) Local nonprofit groups;

(4) Academic counseling departments within public and private nonprofit colleges and universities;

(5) Academic counseling departments within public and private nonprofit high schools;

(6) High school and college student associations;

(7) Local religious groups;

(8) Local social services agencies.

(c) Disseminating press releases and/or translated materials to non-English language newspapers and magazines; and

(d) Maintaining toll-free or other easy-access telephone numbers for obtaining application materials.