Title 28

SECTION 345.51

345.51 Inmate pay.

§ 345.51 Inmate pay.

(a) Grade levels. Inmate workers in FPI locations receive pay at five levels ranging from 5th grade pay (lowest) to 1st grade pay (highest).

(b) Eligibility. (1) An inmate shall accrue vacation time, longevity service credit, and shall receive holiday pay for the period of time the inmate is officially assigned to the Industries work detail. For limitations on claims, refer to § 345.66.

(2) Inmate workers may be eligible for premium pay as specified in § 345.52. Eligibility for other pay and benefits are described separately in this subpart.

(3) FPI pay and benefits are lost in cases of disciplinary transfer and segregation.

(4) An inmate returned to the institution due to program failure at a Community Corrections Center or while on parole or escape is not entitled to credit for time spent in Industries prior to said program failure. This rule also applies to any other program failure which results in a break in confinement status.