Title 27


Title 27 - Alcohol, Tobacco Products and Firearms--Volume 1

27:1  Alcohol, Tobacco Products and Firearms--Volume 1
      PARTS 1 - 39
      PARTS 1 - 39
27:      When Required [SUBJGRP]
27:      Persons Entitled to Basic Permits [SUBJGRP]
27:      Applications for Permits [SUBJGRP]
27:      Authorization [SUBJGRP]
27:      Amendment and Duration of Basic Permits [SUBJGRP]
27:      Revocation, Suspension, or Annulment of Basic Permits [SUBJGRP]
27:      Miscellaneous [SUBJGRP]
27:      Uses Regarded as Industrial [SUBJGRP]
27:      Uses Classed as Nonindustrial [SUBJGRP]
27:      Bulk Sales and Bottling [SUBJGRP]
27:      Warehouse Receipts [SUBJGRP]
27:      Sales of Distilled Spirits for Industrial Use [SUBJGRP]
27:      General [SUBJGRP]
27:      Interest in Retail License [SUBJGRP]
27:      Interest in Retail Property [SUBJGRP]
27:      Furnishing Things of Value [SUBJGRP]
27:      Paying for Advertising, Display or Distribution Service [SUBJGRP]
27:      Guaranteeing Loans [SUBJGRP]
27:      Extension of Credit [SUBJGRP]
27:      Quota Sales [SUBJGRP]
27:      Exchanges and Returns for Ordinary and Usual Commercial Reasons [SUBJGRP]
27:      Exchanges and Returns for Reasons Not Considered Ordinary and Usual [SUBJGRP]
27:      Termination of Bonds [SUBJGRP]
27:      Approval of Formulas [SUBJGRP]
27:      Spirits Subject to Drawback [SUBJGRP]
27:      Document Requirements [SUBJGRP]
27:      Application [SUBJGRP]
27:      Changes After Original Establishment [SUBJGRP]
27:      Alternate Methods or Procedures and Experimental Operations [SUBJGRP]
27:      “Penalties of Perjury” Declaration [SUBJGRP]
27:      Rules for Location and Use of a DSP [SUBJGRP]
27:      Conveyance of Spirits or Wines on Plant Premises [SUBJGRP]
27:      Requirements for Registering a Plant [SUBJGRP]
27:      Requirements for an Operating Permit Under the IRC [SUBJGRP]
27:      Rules for Amending a Registration [SUBJGRP]
27:      Rules for Amending an Operating Permit [SUBJGRP]
27:      Alternation of Plant Proprietors [SUBJGRP]
27:      Conduct of Alternate Operations at a Plant [SUBJGRP]
27:      Discontinuance of Operations [SUBJGRP]
27:      Bonding Requirements for a DSP [SUBJGRP]
27:      Requirements for Operations and Withdrawal Bonds [SUBJGRP]
27:      Tank Requirements [SUBJGRP]
27:      Package Scale and Pipeline Requirements [SUBJGRP]
27:      Measuring and Proofing Equipment Requirements [SUBJGRP]
27:      Other Plant Requirements [SUBJGRP]
27:      Basic Provisions of Tax Law Affecting Spirits [SUBJGRP]
27:      Requirements for Gauging and Tax Determination [SUBJGRP]
27:      Rules for Deferred Payment and Prepayment of Taxes [SUBJGRP]
27:      Requirements for Filing Tax Returns [SUBJGRP]
27:      Requirements for Employer Identification Numbers [SUBJGRP]
27:      Effective Tax Rates [SUBJGRP]
27:      Assessment of Taxes by TTB [SUBJGRP]
27:      Additional Tax Provisions [SUBJGRP]
27:      Requirements for Filing Claims [SUBJGRP]
27:      Rules Regarding Credits, Abatement, Remission, or Refund [SUBJGRP]
27:      Rules for Puerto Rican and Virgin Islands Spirits [SUBJGRP]
27:      Required Gauges [SUBJGRP]
27:      Rules for Gauging [SUBJGRP]
27:      Notification to TTB When Beginning or Suspending Production Operations [SUBJGRP]
27:      Rules for Receipt, Use, and Disposal of Materials [SUBJGRP]
27:      Rules for Production of Spirits [SUBJGRP]
27:      Rules for Chemical Byproducts [SUBJGRP]
27:      Production Inventories [SUBJGRP]
27:      Rules for Redistillation [SUBJGRP]
27:      Receipt and Storage of Spirits and Wines [SUBJGRP]
27:      Rules for Filling and Changing Packages [SUBJGRP]
27:      Rules for Mingling or Blending Spirits [SUBJGRP]
27:      Use of Oak Chips and Caramel [SUBJGRP]
27:      Storage Inventories [SUBJGRP]
27:      Rules for Receipt and Use of Spirits, Wines, and Alcoholic Flavoring Materials [SUBJGRP]
27:      Obscuration Determination [SUBJGRP]
27:      Filing Formulas with TTB [SUBJGRP]
27:      Rules for Bottling, Packaging, and Removal of Products [SUBJGRP]
27:      Requirements for Processing Inventories [SUBJGRP]
27:      Rules for Denaturing Spirits and Testing Denaturants [SUBJGRP]
27:      Rules for Storing Denatured Spirits and Filling Containers [SUBJGRP]
27:      Rules for Mixing and Converting Denatured Spirits [SUBJGRP]
27:      Rules for Restoration and Redenaturation, Inventories, and Manufacture of Articles; Records Required [SUBJGRP]
27:      Transfers Between Bonded Premises [SUBJGRP]
27:      Receipt of Spirits from Customs Custody [SUBJGRP]
27:      Marking Requirements for Imported Spirits [SUBJGRP]
27:      Spirits Withdrawn Without Payment of Tax [SUBJGRP]
27:      Spirits Withdrawn Free of Tax [SUBJGRP]
27:      Spirits Withdrawn on Production Gauge [SUBJGRP]
27:      Rules for Taking Samples of Spirits [SUBJGRP]
27:      Securing Conveyances [SUBJGRP]
27:      Conditions for Return of Spirits to Bond [SUBJGRP]
27:      Rules for Voluntary Destruction [SUBJGRP]
27:      Requirements for Containers [SUBJGRP]
27:      Marking Requirements for Spirits [SUBJGRP]
27:      Authorized Liquor Bottles [SUBJGRP]
27:      Labeling Requirements [SUBJGRP]
27:      Closure Requirements [SUBJGRP]
27:      General Rules for Records [SUBJGRP]
27:      Production Records [SUBJGRP]
27:      Storage Records [SUBJGRP]
27:      Processing Records [SUBJGRP]
27:      Denaturation and Article Manufacture Records [SUBJGRP]
27:      Tax Records [SUBJGRP]
27:      Other Required Records [SUBJGRP]
27:      Filing Forms and Reports [SUBJGRP]
27:      Vinegar Plants in General [SUBJGRP]
27:      Qualification, Construction, and Equipment Requirements for Vinegar Plants [SUBJGRP]
27:      Rules for Operating Vinegar Plants [SUBJGRP]
27:      Required Records for Vinegar Plants [SUBJGRP]
27:      Liability for Distilled Spirits Tax [SUBJGRP]
27:      General [SUBJGRP]
27:      Liability for Taxes [SUBJGRP]
27:      Obtaining a Permit [SUBJGRP]
27:      Changes to Permit Information [SUBJGRP]
27:      Alternating Proprietorship [SUBJGRP]
27:      Discontinuance of Business and Permit Suspension or Revocation [SUBJGRP]
27:      Bonds [SUBJGRP]
27:      Requirements for Construction, Equipment, and Security [SUBJGRP]
27:      TTB Rights and Authorities [SUBJGRP]
27:      Accounting for Spirits [SUBJGRP]
27:      Recordkeeping [SUBJGRP]
27:      Reports [SUBJGRP]
27:      Redistillation [SUBJGRP]
27:      Rules for Use, Withdrawal, and Transfer of Spirits [SUBJGRP]
27:      Transfer of Spirits Between Alcohol Fuel Plants [SUBJGRP]
27:      Transfer of Spirits to and from Distilled Spirits Plants [SUBJGRP]
27:      Receipt of Spirits from Customs Custody [SUBJGRP]
27:      Materials for Making Spirits Unfit for Beverage Use [SUBJGRP]
27:      Rules for Taking Samples [SUBJGRP]
27:      Marking Requirements [SUBJGRP]
27:      Authorities [SUBJGRP]
27:      Liability for Tax [SUBJGRP]
27:      Marks and Brands [SUBJGRP]
27:      Document Requirements [SUBJGRP]
27:      Application for Permit, Form 5150.22 [SUBJGRP]
27:      Industrial Alcohol User Permit, Form 5150.9 [SUBJGRP]
27:      Changes After Original Qualification [SUBJGRP]
27:      Registry of Stills [SUBJGRP]
27:      Permanent Discontinuance of Business [SUBJGRP]
27:      Approval Policies [SUBJGRP]
27:      General-Use Formulas [SUBJGRP]
27:      Obtaining Specially Denatured Spirits [SUBJGRP]
27:      Premises and Equipment [SUBJGRP]
27:      Inventory and Records [SUBJGRP]
27:      Operations by Dealers [SUBJGRP]
27:      Operations by Users [SUBJGRP]
27:      Authorities [SUBJGRP]
27:      Liability for Tax [SUBJGRP]
27:      Destruction of Marks and Brands [SUBJGRP]
27:      Document Requirements [SUBJGRP]
27:      Application for Permit, Form 5150.22 [SUBJGRP]
27:      Industrial Alcohol User Permit, Form 5150.9 [SUBJGRP]
27:      Changes After Original Qualification [SUBJGRP]
27:      Registry of Stills [SUBJGRP]
27:      Permanent Discontinuance of Use of Tax-Free Alcohol [SUBJGRP]
27:      Authorities [SUBJGRP]
27:      Facilities and Assistance [SUBJGRP]
27:      Employer Identification Number [SUBJGRP]
27:      Dealer Registration and Recordkeeping [SUBJGRP]
27:      Assessments [SUBJGRP]
27:      Claims [SUBJGRP]
27:      Tax Exempt Wine [SUBJGRP]
27:      Formulas [SUBJGRP]
27:      Essences [SUBJGRP]
27:      Conveyance of Wine or Spirits on Wine Premises [SUBJGRP]
27:      Samples [SUBJGRP]
27:      Premises and Operations [SUBJGRP]
27:      Application [SUBJGRP]
27:      Changes Subsequent to Original Establishment [SUBJGRP]
27:      Alternation [SUBJGRP]
27:      Permanent Discontinuance of Operations [SUBJGRP]
27:      Bonds and Consents of Surety [SUBJGRP]
27:      Bottling, Packing, and Labeling of Wine [SUBJGRP]
27:      Taxpaid Removals [SUBJGRP]
27:      Transfer of Wine in Bond [SUBJGRP]
27:      Removals Without Payment of Tax [SUBJGRP]
27:      Return of Wine to Bond [SUBJGRP]
27:      Taxpaid Wine Operations [SUBJGRP]
27:      Standards for Beer [SUBJGRP]
27:      Construction [SUBJGRP]
27:      Equipment [SUBJGRP]
27:      Samples [SUBJGRP]
27:      Formulas [SUBJGRP]
27:      Original Qualification [SUBJGRP]
27:      Changes After Original Qualification [SUBJGRP]
27:      Alternation of Operations [SUBJGRP]
27:      Discontinuance of Business [SUBJGRP]
27:      Disapproval or Termination of Bonds or Consents of Surety [SUBJGRP]
27:      Liability for Tax [SUBJGRP]
27:      Determination of Tax [SUBJGRP]
27:      Preparation and Remittance of Tax Returns [SUBJGRP]
27:      Prepayment of Tax [SUBJGRP]
27:      Failure To Pay Tax [SUBJGRP]
27:      Transfer to Another Brewery of Same Ownership [SUBJGRP]
27:      Removal of Beer Unfit for Beverage Use [SUBJGRP]
27:      Removals for Analysis, Research, Development or Testing [SUBJGRP]
27:      Removal of Beer to a Contiguous Distilled Spirits Plant [SUBJGRP]
27:      Exportation [SUBJGRP]
27:      Beer For Personal or Family Use [SUBJGRP]
27:      Dealer Registration and Recordkeeping [SUBJGRP]
27:      Bonds [SUBJGRP]
27:      Termination of Bonds [SUBJGRP]
27:      Permits Required [SUBJGRP]
27:      Distilled Spirits [SUBJGRP]
27:      Packages of Distilled Spirits [SUBJGRP]
27:      Wine [SUBJGRP]
27:      Beer [SUBJGRP]
27:      Articles [SUBJGRP]
27:      Payment of Tax by Return [SUBJGRP]
27:      Permit To Ship Liquors and Articles [SUBJGRP]
27:      Procedure at Port of Arrival [SUBJGRP]
27:      Dealer Registration and Recordkeeping [SUBJGRP]
27:      General [SUBJGRP]
27:      Record and Report of Liquors Brought Into the United States [SUBJGRP]
27:      Filing and Retention of Records and Reports [SUBJGRP]
27:      Shipment of Industrial Spirits and Specially Denatured Spirits [SUBJGRP]
27:      Shipment of Completely Denatured Alcohol and Products Made With Denatured Spirits [SUBJGRP]
27:      Distilled Spirits [SUBJGRP]
27:      Wines [SUBJGRP]
27:      Liqueurs, Cordials, and Other Compounds and Preparations [SUBJGRP]
27:      Beer [SUBJGRP]
27:      Collection of Internal Revenue Taxes [SUBJGRP]
27:      Exemption of Certain Samples From Internal Revenue Taxes [SUBJGRP]
27:      Federal Alcohol Administration Act Requirements for Importation of Distilled Spirits, Wines, and Malt Beverages [SUBJGRP]
27:      Packaging and Marking of Distilled Spirits [SUBJGRP]
27:      Labeling of Distilled Spirits [SUBJGRP]
27:      Marking and Labeling of Wines and Beer [SUBJGRP]
27:      Closures for Containers of Distilled Spirits [SUBJGRP]
27:      Exemptions [SUBJGRP]
27:      Wine and Flavors Content of Distilled Spirits [SUBJGRP]
27:      Record and Report of Imported Liquors [SUBJGRP]
27:      Filing and Retention of Records and Reports [SUBJGRP]
27:      Other Records [SUBJGRP]
27:      Withdrawal or Lading for Use on Certain Vessels and Aircraft [SUBJGRP]
27:      Manufacturing Bonded Warehouses [SUBJGRP]
27:      Customs Bonded Warehouses [SUBJGRP]
27:      Foreign-Trade Zones [SUBJGRP]
27:      Voluntary Destruction of Liquors After Receipt in a Foreign-Trade Zone [SUBJGRP]
27:      Evidence of Exportation and Use [SUBJGRP]
27:      Retention of Records [SUBJGRP]
27:      Penalties of Perjury [SUBJGRP]
27:      Termination of Bonds [SUBJGRP]
27:      Charges and Credits [SUBJGRP]
27:      Losses [SUBJGRP]
27:      Return of Spirits to Bonded Premises [SUBJGRP]
27:      Return of Wines to Bonded Wine Cellar [SUBJGRP]
27:      Return of Specially Denatured Spirits to Bonded Premises [SUBJGRP]
27:      Filing of Notice and Removal [SUBJGRP]
27:      Execution of Claims [SUBJGRP]
27:      Consignment, Shipment, and Delivery [SUBJGRP]
27:      Consignment [SUBJGRP]
27:      Bills of Lading [SUBJGRP]
27:      Receipt by Armed Services [SUBJGRP]
27:      Lading for Use on Aircraft [SUBJGRP]
27:      Receipt in Manufacturing Bonded Warehouse [SUBJGRP]
27:      Receipt in Customs Bonded Warehouse [SUBJGRP]
27:      Receipt in Foreign-Trade Zone [SUBJGRP]
27:      Customs Gauge [SUBJGRP]
27:      Alternate Procedures [SUBJGRP]
27:      Distilled Spirits [SUBJGRP]
27:      Specially Denatured Spirits [SUBJGRP]
27:      Wine [SUBJGRP]
27:      Beer And Beer Concentrate [SUBJGRP]
27:      Determination of Quantity [SUBJGRP]
27:      Determination of Quantity by Weight [SUBJGRP]
27:      Determination of Quantity by Volume [SUBJGRP]
27:      Dealers Classified [SUBJGRP]
27:      Certain Organizations, Agencies, and Persons [SUBJGRP]
27:      Persons Exempt From Registration and/or Recordkeeping [SUBJGRP]
27:      Persons Who Are Not Dealers in Liquors or Beer [SUBJGRP]
27:      Sales in Two or More Areas on the Same Premises [SUBJGRP]
27:      Sales in Multiple Locations [SUBJGRP]
27:      Changes Requiring Registration as a New Business [SUBJGRP]
27:      Other Changes [SUBJGRP]
27:      Wholesale Dealers' Records and Reports [SUBJGRP]
27:      Filing of Wholesale Dealers' Records and Reports [SUBJGRP]
27:      Retail Dealer's Records [SUBJGRP]
27:      Retention of Records and Files [SUBJGRP]