Title 27


45.42 Mark.

§ 45.42 Mark.

Every package of tobacco products shall before removal from the factory under this part, have adequately imprinted thereon, or on a label securely affixed thereto, a mark as specified in this section. The mark may consist of the name of the manufacturer removing the product and the location (by city and State) of the factory from which the products are to be so removed, or may consist of the permit number of the factory from which the products are to be so removed. (Any trade name of the manufacturer approved as provided in § 40.65 of this chapter may be used in the mark as the name of the manufacturer.) As an alternative, where tobacco products are both packaged and removed by the same manufacturer, either at the same or different factories, the mark may consist of the name of such manufacturer if the factory where packaged is identified on or in the package by a means approved by the appropriate TTB officer. Before using the alternative, the manufacturer shall notify the appropriate TTB officer in writing of the name to be used as the name of the manufacturer and the means to be used for identifying the factory where packaged. If approved by him the appropriate TTB officer shall return approved copies of the notice to the manufacturer. A copy of the approved notice shall be retained as part of the factory records at each of the factories operated by the manufacturer.

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