Title 25


537.3 Fees for background investigations.

§ 537.3 Fees for background investigations.

(a) A management contractor shall pay to the Commission or the contractor(s) designated by the Commission the cost of all background investigations conducted under this part.

(b) The management contractor shall post a deposit with the Commission to cover the cost of the background investigations as follows:

(1) Management contractor (party to the contract) - $25,000

(2) Each individual and entity with a financial interest in the contract - $10,000

(c) The management contractor shall be billed for the costs of the investigation as it proceeds; the investigation shall be suspended if the unpaid costs exceed the amount of the deposit available.

(1) An investigation will be terminated if any bills remain unpaid for more than thirty (30) days.

(2) A terminated investigation will preclude the Chairman from making the necessary determinations and result in a disapproval of a management contract.

(d) Any remaining balance of the deposit will be returned to the management contractor when all bills have been paid and the investigations have been completed or terminated.

[74 FR 36938, July 27, 2009, as amended at 77 FR 47516, Aug. 9, 2012]