Title 25

PART 559

Part 559 - Facility License Notifications And Submissions

PART 559 - FACILITY LICENSE NOTIFICATIONS AND SUBMISSIONS Authority:25 U.S.C. 2701, 2702(3), 2703(4), 2705, 2706(b)(10), 2710, 2719. Source:77 FR 58772, Sept. 24, 2012, unless otherwise noted.

25: 559.1
   559.1 What is the scope and purpose of this part
25: 559.2
   559.2 When must a tribe notify the Chair that it is considering issuing a new facility license
25: 559.3
   559.3 When must a tribe submit a copy of a newly issued or renewed facility license to the Chair
25: 559.4
   559.4 What must a tribe submit to the Chair with the copy of each facility license that has been issued or renewed
25: 559.5
   559.5 Must a tribe notify the Chair if a facility license is terminated or expires or if a gaming place, facility, or location closes or reopens
25: 559.6
   559.6 May the Chair require a tribe to submit applicable and available Indian lands or environmental and public health and safety documentation regarding any gaming place, facility, or location where gaming will occur
25: 559.7
   559.7 May a tribe submit documents required by this part electronically