Title 24

SECTION 599.203

599.203 Basic application submission requirements.

§ 599.203 Basic application submission requirements.

The basic application submission requirements for nominating an area as a Renewal Community are:

(a) Identification of the nominated area. An application must identify the census tracts that constitute the nominated area. The nominated area must meet all of the eligibility requirements of subpart B of this part.

(b) State and local commitments. An application must include the documents evidencing compliance with State and local commitments required by § 599.107.

(c) Public notice certification. An application must include a certification, signed by a responsible official or employee of each nominating State and local government, that the public was provided notice of, and an opportunity to participate in, the application development process. Notice and opportunity to participate may include procedures such as placing announcements in newspapers or other media, holding public meetings, and soliciting comments.