Title 24

SECTION 583.315

583.315 Resident rent.

§ 583.315 Resident rent.

(a) Calculation of resident rent. Each resident of supportive housing may be required to pay as rent an amount determined by the recipient which may not exceed the highest of:

(1) 30 percent of the family's monthly adjusted income (adjustment factors include the number of people in the family, age of family members, medical expenses and child care expenses). The calculation of the family's monthly adjusted income must include the expense deductions provided in 24 CFR 5.611(a), and for persons with disabilities, the calculation of the family's monthly adjusted income also must include the disallowance of earned income as provided in 24 CFR 5.617, if applicable;

(2) 10 percent of the family's monthly gross income; or

(3) If the family is receiving payments for welfare assistance from a public agency and a part of the payments, adjusted in accordance with the family's actual housing costs, is specifically designated by the agency to meet the family's housing costs, the portion of the payment that is designated for housing costs.

(b) Use of rent. Resident rent may be used in the operation of the project or may be reserved, in whole or in part, to assist residents of transitional housing in moving to permanent housing.

(c) Fees. In addition to resident rent, recipients may charge residents reasonable fees for services not paid with grant funds.

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