Title 24

SECTION 583.235

583.235 Renewal grants.

§ 583.235 Renewal grants.

(a) General. Grants made under this part, and grants made under subtitles C and D (the Supportive Housing Demonstration and SAFAH, respectively) of the Stewart B. McKinney Homeless Assistance Act as in effect before October 28, 1992, may be renewed on a noncompetitive basis to continue ongoing leasing, operations, and supportive services for additional years beyond the initial funding period. To be considered for renewal funding for leasing, operating costs, or supportive services, recipients must submit a request for such funding in the form specified by HUD, must meet the requirements of this part, and must submit requests within the time period established by HUD.

(b) Assistance available. The first renewal will be for a period of time not to exceed the difference between the end of the initial funding period and ten years from the date of initial occupancy or the date of initial service provision, as applicable. Any subsequent renewal will be for a period of time not to exceed five years. Assistance during each year of the renewal period, subject to maintenance of effort requirements under § 583.150(a) may be for:

(1) Up to 50 percent of the actual operating and leasing costs in the final year of the initial funding period;

(2) Up to the amount of HUD assistance for supportive services in the final year of the initial funding period; and

(3) An allowance for cost increases.

(c) HUD review. (1) HUD will review the request for renewal and will evaluate the recipient's performance in previous years against the plans and goals established in the initial application for assistance, as amended. HUD will approve the request for renewal unless the recipient proposes to serve a population that is not homeless, or the recipient has not shown adequate progress as evidenced by an unacceptably slow expenditure of funds, or the recipient has been unsuccessful in assisting participants in achieving and maintaining independent living. In determining the recipient's success in assisting participants to achieve and maintain independent living, consideration will be given to the level and type of problems of participants. For recipients with a poor record of success, HUD will also consider the recipient's willingness to accept technical assistance and to make changes suggested by technical assistance providers. Other factors which will affect HUD's decision to approve a renewal request include the following: a continuing history of inadequate financial management accounting practices, indications of mismanagement on the part of the recipient, a drastic reduction in the population served by the recipient, program changes made by the recipient without prior HUD approval, and loss of project site.

(2) HUD reserves the right to reject a request from any organization with an outstanding obligation to HUD that is in arrears or for which a payment schedule has not been agreed to, or whose response to an audit finding is overdue or unsatisfactory.

(3) HUD will notify the recipient in writing that the request has been approved or disapproved.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 2506-0112)