Title 24

SECTION 583.145

583.145 Matching requirements.

§ 583.145 Matching requirements.

(a) General. The recipient must match the funds provided by HUD for grants for acquisition, rehabilitation, and new construction with an equal amount of funds from other sources.

(b) Cash resources. The matching funds must be cash resources provided to the project by one or more of the following: the recipient, the Federal government, State and local governments, and private resources, in accordance with 42 U.S.C. 11386. This statute provides that a recipient may use funds from any source, including any other Federal source (but excluding the specific statutory subtitle from which Supportive Housing Program funds are provided), as well as State, local, and private sources, provided that funds from the other source are not statutorily prohibited to be used as a match. It is the responsibility of the recipient to ensure that any funds used to satisfy the matching requirements of this section are eligible under the laws governing the funds to be used as matching funds for a grant awarded under this program.

(c) Maintenance of effort. State or local government funds used in the matching contribution are subject to the maintenance of effort requirements described at § 583.150(a).

[58 FR 13871, Mar. 15, 1993, as amended at 73 FR 75326, Dec. 11, 2008]