Title 24

SECTION 583.140

583.140 Technical assistance.

§ 583.140 Technical assistance.

(a) General. HUD may set aside funds annually to provide technical assistance, either directly by HUD staff or indirectly through third-party providers, for any supportive housing project. This technical assistance is for the purpose of promoting the development of supportive housing and supportive services as part of a continuum of care approach, including innovative approaches to assist homeless persons in the transition from homelessness, and promoting the provision of supportive housing to homeless persons to enable them to live as independently as possible.

(b) Uses of technical assistance. HUD may use these funds to provide technical assistance to prospective applicants, applicants, recipients, or other providers of supportive housing or services for homeless persons, for supportive housing projects. The assistance may include, but is not limited to, written information such as papers, monographs, manuals, guides, and brochures; person-to-person exchanges; and training and related costs.

(c) Selection of providers. From time to time, as HUD determines the need, HUD may advertise and competitively select providers to deliver technical assistance. HUD may enter into contracts, grants, or cooperative agreements, when necessary, to implement the technical assistance.

[59 FR 36892, July 19, 1994]