Title 24

SECTION 583.120

583.120 Grants for supportive services costs.

§ 583.120 Grants for supportive services costs.

(a) General. HUD will provide grants to pay (as described in § 583.130 of this part) for the actual costs of supportive services for homeless persons for up to five years. All or part of the supportive services may be provided directly by the recipient or by arrangement with public or private service providers.

(b) Supportive services costs. Costs associated with providing supportive services include salaries paid to providers of supportive services and any other costs directly associated with providing such services. For a transitional housing project, supportive services costs also include the costs of services provided to former residents of transitional housing to assist their adjustment to independent living. Such services may be provided for up to six months after they leave the transitional housing facility.

[58 FR 13871, Mar. 15, 1993, as amended at 59 FR 36891, July 19, 1994]