Title 24

SECTION 583.100

583.100 Types and uses of assistance.

§ 583.100 Types and uses of assistance.

(a) Grant assistance. Assistance in the form of grants is available for acquisition of structures, rehabilitation of structures, acquisition and rehabilitation of structures, new construction, leasing, operating costs for supportive housing, and supportive services, as described in §§ 583.105 through 583.125. Applicants may apply for more than one type of assistance.

(b) Uses of grant assistance. Grant assistance may be used to:

(1) Establish new supportive housing facilities or new facilities to provide supportive services;

(2) Expand existing facilities in order to increase the number of homeless persons served;

(3) Bring existing facilities up to a level that meets State and local government health and safety standards;

(4) Provide additional supportive services for residents of supportive housing or for homeless persons not residing in supportive housing;

(5) Purchase HUD-owned single family properties currently leased by the applicant for use as a homeless facility under 24 CFR part 291; and

(6) Continue funding supportive housing where the recipient has received funding under this part for leasing, supportive services, or operating costs.

(c) Structures used for multiple purposes. Structures used to provide supportive housing or supportive services may also be used for other purposes, except that assistance under this part will be available only in proportion to the use of the structure for supportive housing or supportive services.

(d) Technical assistance. HUD may offer technical assistance, as described in § 583.140.

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