Title 24

SECTION 582.410

582.410 Obligation and deobligation of funds.

§ 582.410 Obligation and deobligation of funds.

(a) Obligation of funds. When HUD and the applicant execute a grant agreement, HUD will obligate funds to cover the amount of the approved grant. The recipient will be expected to carry out the activities as proposed in the application. After the initial obligation of funds, HUD is under no obligation to make any upward revisions to the grant amount for any approved assistance.

(b) Deobligation. (1) HUD may deobligate all or a portion of the approved grant amount if such amount is not expended in a timely manner, or the proposed housing for which funding was approved or the supportive services proposed in the application are not provided in accordance with the approved application, the requirements of this part, and other applicable HUD regulations. The grant agreement may set forth other circumstances under which funds may be deobligated, and other sanctions may be imposed.

(2) HUD may readvertise, in a notice of fund availability, the availability of funds that have been deobligated, or may reconsider applications that were submitted in response to the most recently published notice of fund availability and select applications for funding with the deobligated funds. Such selections would be made in accordance with the selection process described in § 582.220 of this part. Any selections made using deobligated funds will be subject to applicable appropriation act requirements governing the use of deobligated funding authority.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 2506-0118)