Title 24

SECTION 578.19

578.19 Application process.

§ 578.19 Application process.

(a) Notice of Funding Availability. After enactment of the annual appropriations act for the fiscal year, HUD will issue a NOFA in accordance with the requirements of 24 CFR part 4.

(b) Applications. All applications to HUD, including applications for grant funds and requests for designation as a UFA or HPC, must be submitted at such time and in such manner as HUD may require, and contain such information as HUD determines necessary. At a minimum, an application for grant funds must contain a list of the projects for which it is applying for funds; a description of the projects; a list of the projects that will be carried out by subrecipients and the names of the subrecipients; a description of the subpopulations of homeless or at risk of homelessness to be served by projects; the number of units to be provided and/or the number of persons to be served by each project; a budget request by project; and reasonable assurances that the applicant, or the subrecipient, will own or have control of a site for the proposed project not later than the expiration of the 12-month period beginning upon notification of an award for grant assistance.