Title 24

SECTION 576.407

576.407 Other Federal requirements.

§ 576.407 Other Federal requirements.

(a) General. The requirements in 24 CFR part 5, subpart A are applicable, including the nondiscrimination and equal opportunity requirements at 24 CFR 5.105(a) and the housing counseling requirements at 24 CFR 5.111. Section 3 of the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968, 12 U.S.C. 1701u, and implementing regulations at 24 CFR part 135 apply, except that homeless individuals have priority over other Section 3 residents in accordance with § 576.405(c).

(b) Affirmative outreach. The recipient or subrecipient must make known that use of the facilities, assistance, and services are available to all on a nondiscriminatory basis. If it is unlikely that the procedures that the recipient or subrecipient intends to use to make known the availability of the facilities, assistance, and services will to reach persons of any particular race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, familial status, or disability who may qualify for those facilities and services, the recipient or subrecipient must establish additional procedures that ensure that those persons are made aware of the facilities, assistance, and services. The recipient and its subrecipients must take appropriate steps to ensure effective communication with persons with disabilities including, but not limited to, adopting procedures that will make available to interested persons information concerning the location of assistance, services, and facilities that are accessible to persons with disabilities. Consistent with Title VI and Executive Order 13166, recipients and subrecipients are also required to take reasonable steps to ensure meaningful access to programs and activities for limited English proficiency (LEP) persons.

(c) Uniform requirements. The requirements of 2 CFR part 200 apply to the recipient and subrecipients, and:

(1) Program income may be used as matching contributions, subject to the requirements in § 576.201;

(2) The disposition of real property for which ESG funds are used for major rehabilitation, conversion, or other renovation under § 576.102 is governed by the minimum period of use requirements under § 576.102(c).

(d) Environmental review responsibilities. (1) Activities under this part are subject to environmental review by HUD under 24 CFR part 50. The recipient shall supply all available, relevant information necessary for HUD to perform for each property any environmental review required by 24 CFR part 50. The recipient also shall carry out mitigating measures required by HUD or select alternate eligible property. HUD may eliminate from consideration any application that would require an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

(2) The recipient or subrecipient, or any contractor of the recipient or subrecipient, may not acquire, rehabilitate, convert, lease, repair, dispose of, demolish, or construct property for a project under this part, or commit or expend HUD or local funds for eligible activities under this part, until HUD has performed an environmental review under 24 CFR part 50 and the recipient has received HUD approval of the property.

(e) Davis-Bacon Act. The provisions of the Davis-Bacon Act (40 U.S.C. 276a to 276a-5) do not apply to the ESG program.

(f) Procurement of Recovered Materials. The recipient and its contractors must comply with Section 6002 of the Solid Waste Disposal Act, as amended by the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. The requirements of Section 6002 include procuring only items designated in guidelines of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) at 40 CFR part 247 that contain the highest percentage of recovered materials practicable, consistent with maintaining a satisfactory level of competition, where the purchase price of the item exceeds $10,000 or the value of the quantity acquired by the preceding fiscal year exceeded $10,000; procuring solid waste management services in a manner that maximizes energy and resource recovery; and establishing an affirmative procurement program for procurement of recovered materials identified in the EPA guidelines.

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